Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama’s Medical Plan Is A Real Killer

Washington, DC—Not since Hillary Clinton’s failed Health Care fiasco have we see such an attempt to seize control of an entire industry by government anywhere.

This Marxist plan is bankrupt before it begins and can only make already intolerable things worse.

Tax relief for Americans and businesses is the only way to help pay for insurance and medical costs.

ABC News will be the PR agent for this Obama Health Care Train Wreck. Get ready for the onslaught of infomercials. If they want experts to sell this garbage they need to call Billy Mays and that Sham Wow guy. I’m sure for the right price they can bombard us all with the most obnoxious ad campaign ever.

I have only three words, Obama should resign.


It's McTwitter! said...

The reason they want to take over health care is to centralize everything under their power.

This is scarey shit. Obama fired the head of GM, but not one bank president! Why?

Anonymous said...

I hear alot of criticism about Obamas heath plan reform but I don't hear any of his critics coming up with any better ideas.One thing is certain,If the price of health care treatment and pharmacuticals are not reined in and soon,no average working joe will be abke to afford health care or medication for themselves or their families.The city of Chicago is planning to cease providing heath insurance to retirees by 2013.Many private industry jobs no longer offer heathcare benefits.Thousands of people are filing bankruptsy because they can't afford to pay for expensive life saving treatments and medication that even if they're insured their policy refuses to cover.The medical profession and drug companies in this country are pricing themselves out of the market.When your job has been sent overseas,home is in forclosure and your pension fund has been sucked dry by the thieving corporation you worked for,Government sponsored heathcare doesn't sound so bad.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the proposed law?
Take a good look at the 1000+ pages and make your own decision.
The elderly and "baby boomers" will be targeted. God forbid you get a disease or have alsheimers. You will not be covered if you are of a certain age. READ THE PROPOSAL before you decide.

Anonymous said...

Your darn right this is scary! It's absolutely amazing to me how suddenly if you ask questions, you're "speaking out against America." Excuse me? When did this change from Land of the Free... oh right... at election time. Well, there ya go... hope everyone enjoys their "change." It's going to come back to haunt you something fierce. There's a reason that they're hiding things from the American public, there's a reason that they needed the filibuster, and there's a reason they're pushing all this stuff through so fast. Open your eyes!!!