Monday, June 08, 2009

Criminal Aliens and Highway Carnage Cost Taxpayers Millions

Arizona—There is a regular ghastly happing in Arizona for the last 30 years. Vehicles overloaded with illegal aliens regularly wreck killing and seriously injuring the trespassers. When they die it’s not so bad but hundreds are severely injured and require long term life support and extraordinary care on the backs of American taxpayers.

It does not take long for each alien with brain or spinal cord injuries to rack up medical bills exceeding $1million or more. The medical costs alone could be redirected to seal the border keeping out Mexico’s constant export to America, of crime, drugs and poverty.

The traitors from both political parties in our on Congress are on a mission to weaken and destroy America any way they can. The easiest way is to accomplish their nefarious goal is through open borders.

Here is yet another example of a highway holocaust involving criminal aliens.

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