Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Ultimate Un-American Redistribution Of Wealth Has Arrived!

Washington, DC—FEMA using emergency powers will place Florida trailer trash folks into foreclosed real homes after storms.

The banks or other owners of the property have enough problems but now the government wants place homeless storm victims in these homes. The government sanctioned squatters will tie up the properties for years if not decades.

Next homelessness will be declared an emergency and that will be an excuse for the government agents to seize more homes for this Marxist plan.

Every week the traitors to America within the Obama Administration have a new plan to destroy America and free enterprise. We have no choice but to stop the traitors or lose our freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Superintendent Jody Weis live on the Roe Conn Show, WLS 890 AM at 1600hrs today.

Call in and let our voices be heard about the manpower crisis, no contract, unfair disciplinary system and lack of training and equipment.