Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Too Can Expose Government Gone Wild!

Chicago, IL—I was somewhat dismayed that the local news broadcasters are vanishing before our eyes. There are massive layoffs underway and investigative journalism projects are the first to go. The danger here is for an unchecked government gone wild. We all know when the cat’s away the mice will play.

As this is happening so-called citizen journalists are springing up everywhere. They are slowly filling the void. Equipment to produce, and distribute stories we can all use is cheap or even free. There is also lots of free newsgathering and technical advice all over the Internet.

The easiest way is to simply capture video and still pictures that tell the story and share it with your favorite bloggers like me. It helps to have both broadband Internet service and a $3.00 per month Skype account. This is what you need to send your video or audio recordings and photos.

Video and pictures alone are helpful but while you’re there be sure to get interviews from relevant newsmakers and witnesses. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Don’t just complain about problems when you can capture and publish the things that need attention.

Second City Cop has been a great site for Chicago cops to get to the bottom of rumors and spread news affecting the cop on the beat. They are however, really weak on putting up video or pictures. With all the cop readers running around with cell phone cameras an unstoppable army of reporters already exist.

For those willing to invest $200.00 in a tiny Flip Mino HD camera the video image is stunning.

The power to publish protects cops and other public employees better than any labor union can.

Simply advise your bloggers or news outlets of the story and upload your video. I know SCC and this blog know how to and will protect our contributors. They only requirement is that the information be factual.

There is information galore available on news gathering, shooting video and getting that story out into the sunlight.

YouTube just launched a new channel designed by the pros to help you capture, expose and stop GOVERNMENT GONE WILD. There are loads of how to videos for you right there!


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Anonymous said...

Media is dying because they don't report facts anymore, they are taught by the liberal scum in universities that a journalist is supposed to change the world, not report facts.

That is where mainstream media went wrong. People see through their bullshit, left leaning propaganda, are fed up, and have quit buying newspapers, watching the alphabet networks, and have been drawn to the internet and radio for the news.

The mainstream media is just another branch of the democratic party. Watch for the socialists to try to shut down or stifle free speech on both the internet and radio.