Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did Drugs and Jesus Juice or A Heart Attack Fell Michael Jackson?

Los Angeles, CA—Michael Jackson was rushed to UCLA Medical Center by paramedics performing CPR on the fallen idol and twice accused child molester. The media is assembling along with Jackson’s family members on the hospital’s campus in Westwood.

The question I’m asking at this hour was this a heart attack or the results of self-medication gone wrong. We will have to wait and see.

This looks very dangerous for Jackson and his fans can only hope this is a publicity stunt to kick off his scheduled comeback tour.


The children are safer said...

The children are now safer. Our obit above.

Anonymous said...

One more pedophile off the face of the earth, many children are safe, including his own.

HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

CPDcoppurr your are a great lady. I enjoy your blog too

Anonymous said...

Not exactly.

Doctors may be responsible for giving Michael too many perscription drugs just like Anna Nicole Smith.

According to Daily Mail newspaper- Michael Jackson's death was due to stress of a comeback combined with failing health and a dependency on drugs that may have caused the cardiac arrest.

Only last month, the British newspaper reported that Jackson was struggling to make even a handful of the rehearsals for the comeback tour which was due to start in July 09 at the O2 in London.

Michael Jackson had been to just two out of more than 45 rehearsals.

"Sadly there were no signs that Jackson was able to conquer his dependencies, believed to be to over the counter prescription opiates such as Dialudid.
And one consequence of an incautious overdose of these drugs is cardiac arrest."

For people who really knew him - apparently his death was not a complete shock. See link to newspaper article below.

In addition America had not been very kind to Michael recently,having publicly humiliated him and fleeced him of his dough. No love and recognition for Michael in America in recent years and Michael needed that...

Seems like America only treasures its stars at the height of their brilliance and when their careers begin to fade or there is any scandal - they are quick to humiliate and dismiss them to sell newspapers.

Here's to Michael and the great music and music videos he achieved which music is universal.