Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gagging Drew Peterson

Joliet, IL—As he’s sitting in the Will County Jail murder suspect Drew Peterson wants to endlessly talk to anyone who will listen. Some people are up in arms over this and just want Peterson to shut up.

These are the same detractors that demanded Peterson’s hanging despite the lack of an arrest, trial or conviction. These harpies are misguided and need to get a life. Police and prosecutors usually pray for suspects to say anything at all. In America most crimes are solved by the suspect’s own big mouths. It’s always better to keep the suspects talking. The same holds true for Drew Peterson.

If Drew Peterson is really guilty, please let him talk! If Peterson is not guilty he deserves the right to talk. Right now Peterson is presumed innocent and should be able to say whatever he wants. Should any man not yet convicted lose the right to claim his innocence?

Another not so small issue surrounds the government’s discovery material (the entire police report). By law they must turn it all over to the defense so they may prepare for trial. Prosecutors also got an order from Judge Stephen White precluding the defense from releasing any discovery information to the media. Why do they want that you’d ask? It’s really quite simple when information is released to the public people come forward with information about the players named in the case.

The prosecutors and State Police know that many of the people involved are very dirty and will be exposed by the press. Before it’s over I’d expect that sunshine on the government witnesses may reveal just what happened to Stacy Peterson and it won’t fit the prosecutions model or help convict Drew Peterson.

Here the police make public whatever they want but should Peterson’s defense team release any information the prosecutors cry foul. Not fair you say? Who said government wants to be fair?


Anonymous said...

If any of the states witnesses haven't given clues about Stacy so far why would they during Kathleens case that is present day? I know millions of people don't follow this case locally or nationally but the media hasn't offered any clues yet.

Anonymous said...

Yay. The defense has had just as much time as the prosecution had to find their witnesses. We look forward to a dignified trial where witnesses can be examined for the jury in the prescribed way, not dragged through the gutter in an ad hoc possibly biased way.

SabraUltra said...

This news report about Drew being muzzled is disheartening. This is bad bs from a judge, really bad.