Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iranian’s Demonstrate Over Rigged Elections

Los Angeles, CA—Angry Iranians assembled at the Westwood Federal Building to protect the rigged election in Iran. My question is why bother since Chairman Obama and his administration are on the side of that warmonger who rigged the election.

My question is, did Obama send ACORN over to help the incumbent? They know how to throw a good election.

Enjoy the video of this event I captured with my $200.00 Flip Mino HD camera.


SabraUltra said...

Jimmy Carter showed Chavez in Venezuala how to rig elections.

The Roger ??? on said that after forty years as a 'reporter', when Armadinagad came in the room, he was truly stunned; as this man was evil.

Inland Empire PI said...

I’m glad to see that these Iranians hate that terrorist president. That means theses ones may be decent American citizens that love democracy.

However you would have been the top PI of our nation had you told them that displaying ONLY American flags in OUR Country was accepted.

Those flags shall not be tolerated. Wish I was there.

Only the American flag in America said...

Nice video for such a small gadget. But I also agree on defending OUR flag, especially on OUR Flag Day. I would have given anything to see your video tape of Jim Brossard in action.

Jim Brossard can be seen in above video link defending our Flag.

Anonymous said...

When will Chicago and Crook County??