Monday, June 08, 2009

Hanover Park, Illinois Is A Killing Field

Hanover Park was always a quiet family based bedroom community just Northwest of Chicago. That was until politicians forced this village to accept Chicago’s displaced inhabitants of Cabrini Green and other ghetto dwellings. The culprit is so-called Section 8 Housing that provides free or nearly free rent for those who refuse to go to school or work.

Murder has spiked in this village of less than 40,000 people to at least one per day.

What’s ironic is the people who began this community did it to escape Chicago’s crime and those minority groups that love to wallow in their own blood. These working middle class folks wanted a safe place to educate and raise their children.

I visited the posh suburb of Barrington Hills recently only to see lots of Chicago style ghetto cars in grocery store parking lots and African Americans using their government provided free money cards to pay for their purchases.

The murders, home invasions, kidnappings, sex assaults and drug culture of Chicago’s ghettos are now being shoved down the throats of those who once thought they were safe from that kind of a menace. Now it appears that the culture of violence is spreading like a vile disease in a rapidly changing community.

Those once valuable Barrington Hills homes will be going the way of Chicago’s once beautiful Garfield Park mansions in the 1950’s. Within a decade they were uninhabitable trashed out structures.

It looks like the Ku Klux Klan could surface once again under these fertle conditions.


Anonymous said...

CF:Yes its all true as you say here.Its about 99% africanus-robustus causing all the problems,0.75 caused by illegal lettuce pickers.

Many once quiet and affluent communities are going to have a plague of locust decend on them.I personally know many people arming heavily and stockpiling basic survival goods in case of social breakdown.

It's McTwitter! said...

Paul, it certainly looks gloomy with all of this Section 8 housing. But you have to look at the positive side for Hanover Park this past weekend: They scored their first "Hat trick"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


A white guy was just arrested for one of the murders in Hanover Park. He was burglarizing her home to support a crack habit. When she came home during the burglary, he slit her throat.

Anonymous said...

It is now safe AND fair to say, when a good neighborhood is forced to re-inhabit with anyone they left in the old neighborhood, fear will create a crisis in bigotry that fires off from both sides the same bullets penetrates hearts and nobody wins, because the neighborhood is bad, nobody wins because the neighbors are bad--and the government is full of a pack of wolves and snakes--and they are the Source of fear, bigotry, anger, and hate. To hell with the government offices who dictate tyrannical orders to people about who can live where and when.

Anonymous said...

why can't they just dump them off on some farm land way out there already and stop taking over our nice areas!! It's not like they work anyways! Why does the working class good citizen have to keep moving further away from the city and have to drive over an hour to work. And then when the REAL minorities, (single white male, single white female) actually needs help, ha.. there is NO HELP to be found.

Anyhow, I put a bid on a property 2 weeks ago in the nice townhouses there. a co-worker told me that there are gangs there and I retracted my bid. Thank God... Geez.

Anonymous said...

Before posting how about reevaluating all of your thought processes. These are all pretty racists comments, that don't resolve any thing just create more problems. The fact is from city data and police reports there has been no murder in the town since 2011 and the overall safety INDEX is at 74 out of 100 which is better then most neighboring towns.