Friday, June 19, 2009

The UK is Obsessed With Weapons

United Kingdom—This country has every conceivable law banning the possession of anything capable of self-defense. This is truly a place where only the criminals have weapons. The result has been a skyrocketing crime rate and a bonanza for undertakers.

They have it backwards here since these kinds of laws work so well on the law-abiding. The government holds the victims down so that the criminals are unimpeded. What a wonderful idea!

They want to extend the weapons bans into every home kitchen. The result is a newly designed knife that can’t be used as a weapon. I’m sure that the knife maker’s lobbyists are out selling politicians on making this the only approved knife allowed anywhere.

Okay, there are some twisted souls in the UK.

More on this insanity right here.

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Anonymous said...

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