Saturday, June 06, 2009

Boycott Bailed Out Companies

Washington, DC-The Obama Administration has bailed out every corrupt bank and business that they could, giving the crooks an unfair advantage over profitable and properly run businesses.

The cure is simple, refuse to do any business with bailed out or government seized or run business or banks. The bailouts were un-American so why reward government fascism and tyranny?


Ed Skinner said...

If we support them, executives of other companies will see federal buy-out as yet another option.
"Let's see, we can make a profit, or declare the company bankrupt, or get a big investment from the government and let them run the show. But in the meantime, I'll collect my big salary, cash in those stock options and pocket the profit and, hey, maybe the board of directors will throw in a bonus for 'saving the company.'"

Don't buy GM products! Yes, in the short term it's almost certainly going to cost you and me more. But in the long term, this practice of government backing is only going to hurt us much, much worse.

Anonymous said...

SCREW YOU! I'm supporting The Big Three until the day that I die.

If it wasn't for the government NOT protecting The Big Three in the first place and allowing foreign competitors in the US and allowing them to get away with all kinds of bs, we wouldn't be in this mess. Not to say that's the only reason we are though.

You SURE AS HECK would NEVER see The Big Three companies taking over in Japan or China. They protect their own companies before allowing competitors to rule.