Tuesday, June 09, 2009

LAPD Detective Denied Bond—Lawyers Up

Los Angeles, CA—It’s shocking anytime I see a police officer in handcuffs. I’ve seen it before as rare as that happens but I’ve yet to see a policewoman in restraints until this morning.

The proceedings took place before a packed courtroom with most major press organizations present.

Stephanie Lazarus was brought in wearing a waist chain and handcuffs. She was also wearing a orange jumpsuit as she made her court appearance from the prisoner cage within division 30 of the Superior Court.

Lazarus a 25 year LAPD veteran is facing capital murder charges in connection with her arrest Friday at the LAPD Parker Center where she worked as a detective specializing in art thefts.

The 23 year-old cold case, culminated in Lazarus’ arrest after police say DNA linked Lazarus to the killing.

Lazarus was represented by Camarillo lawyer, Mark Pachowicz. The Commissioner, Kristi Loustau ordered that Lazarus be held without bond. Pachowicz asked to continue the current matter agreeing to waive time under the speedy trial rules. A new date July 6, 2009 at 8:30 AM was given. Lazarus was asked if she wished to waive time and she agreed. Prosecutors did little more than give their names for the record.

On Monday police revealed that there was a significant struggle that included biting. Lazarus was identified as a suspect through a DNA match of saliva taken from bite marks on Rasmussen's body. The question may be reduced to a defense of self-defense.

Outside the court a press conference held by personal injury lawyer John Taylor with the parents of the dead woman, Nels and Loretta Rasmussen who came in from Chandler, Arizona.

Taylor shed little light on the circumstances of the killing other than to say that Lazarus was a frequent visitor to the home of Sherri Rasmussen and her husband. You can see the entire conference I shot on a $200.00 hand held HD Flip Camera in two parts below:

Part One

Part Two


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
Thank you for the excellent and fair coverage of Stephanie Lazarus. As an LAPD cop myself, I’ve cringed at some of the things I’ve read so far or seen on TV about this case.

Lazarus deserves a fair day in court to present her defense.

Anonymous said...

She deserves the same due process and FAIRNESS as any other person. This is stinking like a rotten fish from the getgo.