Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yet More On That Crazy Malibu Ferrari Crash! Another Fantastic Update!

In the wreckage police found a loaded magazine for a .40 caliber Glock, semi-automatic pistol. I’d suspect that would be a huge problem if it turned out to be the property of the Swedish ex-convict, Stefan Eriksson, the car’s owner. His immigration status would also come into play if he were found in possession of firearms.

Now there is an investigation into evidence that The San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority may have established a law enforcement agency with the ability to appoint people as peace officers and bestow the power to carry guns and make arrests.

This would be highly unusual for a small transit company that move handicapped people around town. My guess is it’s a phony law enforcement agency created to give away badges and guns to police pretenders. It’s raised lots of questions that will be answered in short order.

Creating phony police agencies is most common in states like California, Illinois and New York where permits to carry firearms are nearly impossible to obtain. Criminals such as armed robbers never to go to such extremes to invent police agencies to facilitate their crimes. Of course felons and aliens are never granted the right to carry firearms.

The rub here is that Eriksson allegedly identified himself to Sheriff’s officers as a Commissioner with the agency. It just so happens that Eriksson's civil attorney, Ashley Posner, is listed as the chairman of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority.

One thing for sure, Stefan Eriksson’s answering questions for police has ended. That won’t however end the ongoing investigation.

There’s more here in the L.A. Times, and at KNBC-TV.

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