Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Novel Approach To End Most State And Local Firearm Bans.

THE HOBBS ACT -- 18 U.S.C. § 1951 is an anti-racketeering statue that bars any interference with interstate commerce. This statue was successfully used by the Justice department to convict several Chicago police officers they claimed interfered with alcoholic beverages destined to be delivered to barroom drinkers.

Firearms are almost always shipped in interstate commerce and some cities and states have enacted various gun bans that clearly interfere with delivery to qualified consumers.

My question is can people victimized by gun bans seek relief from the federal courts under the Hobbs Act? Let’s call in the GANGBUSTERS!


Anonymous said...

As an attorney, I would have to answer your question in the negative. First, a bit of legal mumbo jumbo regarding the right to keep and bear arms:

No municapility can ban ALL firearms, as doing so would violate the Second Amendment. However, they can regulate which type of firearm you may own. Take Chicago for example. . . While a person may not own an unregistered firearm, and while no handguns can even be registered, the ordinance allows for shotguns and rifles. Thus, the City of Chicago has effectively banned most usable firearms by allowing and providing a means of ownership for these types of weapons.

Now I have to admit that applying the Hobbs Act to handguns is an interesting idea, but it's a stretch. Whenever you wish to apply a legislative act to a given fact pattern, you must first look to the legislative intent of the statute. In order to apply the Act, the legislative intent must be served. I haven't done any such research in regard to the Hobbs Act, but I'd be willing to bet it wouldn't apply to handguns.

If you want to read up on current Supreme Court law regarding handguns and interstate commerece, I'd point you to United States v. Lopez, 514 U.S.549.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have discussed it with at least one gun rights lawyer who thinks the idea MAY have merit. It will depend on full legal research, and if feasible pushing it through the courts.

Remember this is not really a Second Amendment Issue but one of lawful commerce.

My theory is that The Hobbs Act, which has been around much longer than most gun laws, makes it clear that commerce will not be interrupted.

If the products are legal under federal law then perhaps the state and local governments have to allow free movement. We can only hope that's the case!

United States v. Lopez does not give clear guidance here but is helpful.

Remember I call this a novel approach...

Anonymous said...

Gun grabbers want to grab all guns. It was once the "saturday night special" that was the enemy. An inexpensive handgun was more dangerous than an expensive handgun. The logic was flawed except that poor people could only afford inexpensive guns.

Another argument that was popular during the "saturday night special" hysteria was that if we are all members of a militia, then handguns aren't needed. So as a milita member, what would be better than an "assault rifel?" Of course, true assault rifles have selective fire and may be fired at full automatic.

A goof in California, I believe in 1989, shot up a school yard and the gungrabbers were up in arms again. So now assault rifles are the new evil and they too must be banned.

So that leaves us with lever and bolt action rifles, pump rifles, shotguns.....for the time being. The gungrabbers want those too, but they can't win a total gun ban, they have to pick us apart.

It's all media hype and packaging. What is the differance between an AR-15 and a Ruger mini-14? Both are semi-auto and both shoot a 5.56 mm. The appearance of the rifles is all, yet one is banned and one is not. You figure.

No where do I see gun grabbers taking aim (no pun intended) at the real problem: people willing to shoot other people. It's against the law in the entire civilized world to shoot someone without cause. But gun grabbers act as if these weapons are just jumping out of the ground and landing in the hands of innocents, who not knowing any better, shoot someone.

We have all the laws at our disposal to address the problems of violence. How about using them instead of putting more laws on top of laws that aren't being enforced. Criminals do not obey the laws; we shouldn't punish law abiding citizens.

Anonymous said...

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