Saturday, March 04, 2006

Support Your Local Blogger!

The established American media with its agenda distorted most anything involving politics. The big three networks and major newspapers somehow led Americans to believe that they somehow spoke for everyone when they did not. The most obvious sign was the identical messages from the major media players and their charismatic personalities as they pushed ever further to the Liberal Utopia. Seeing a Conservative political candidate get an editorial endorsement from any major news organization was an incredibly rare event.

Talk radio made the first serious dent in the media corporation’s armor and then came the Internet. Today an army of Internet bloggers has arrived with unrelenting questions as they cut through the Bolshevik propaganda. No longer can the media giants control the information made available to the public.

When the media giants did a story it nearly always went unchallenged. It was impossible to fight anyone who bought ink by the barrel. Those days are thankfully over as anyone can now quickly query information with an Internet search engine. Bloggers are posting their words, pictures, audio and video with ease as the media giants lose their audience and readers. The competition between bloogers is a free-market driven, American dream.

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