Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A New War On Chicago Cops Is In Progress.

This story won't go away. Fred Hampton was every bit an urban terrorist when he openly advocated killing cops. Black Panther inspired murders of police officers created a very real war in Chicago. Beyond the officers that were murdered there were scores that were disabled for life as a result of Black Panther violence.

That December, 1969 raid was at a point in time where officer safety (at least to the cops) was more important than the lives of those such as Fred Hampton who were on record calling for the murder of cops.

There were two versions of that raid the cops and the murderous survivors. Both versions of events still exist. I suggest that if the cops were bent on a search and destroy that no Panthers from that Monroe Street flat would have lived to tell lies. If you chose to believe the surviving Black Panthers, you also have to accept the fact that Hampton was a criminal terrorist at war with his country and the police.

I have two really simple questions. Is there such a shortage of accomplished African-American role models in Chicago that they can’t find someone deserving of the honor? Why would any Chicago Alderman want to reopen this old wound and rekindle the hate that the Black Panthers represented?

If naming a street after Hampton is a good idea because he was a revolutionary, perhaps the next federal courthose should be named after Timothy McVeigh.

WMAQ-TV's Dick Kay weighed in on this issue with his report that includes old newsfilm of Frad Hampton and the raid scene on Monroe Street.

An update: The mood in the comments section of this story at Second City Cop is not good, There are suggestions of a job action to halt writing moving violation and parking citations should the city dare use tax money to honor the dead terrorist. Those officers have my full support to do whatever it takes to end the glorification of killing cops. If this fight really comes to City Hall I may just fly in to Chicago for this one.

Mayor Richard J. Daley would have used his own body to prevent this kind of insult. His son, the current mayor is not half the man his father was and can't be counted on to take a leadership role with Phil Cline his appointed Superintendent of Police.

As this is going on in Chicago, justice caught up with this Chicago Panther who murdered a cop 36 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Chicago has become one really horrible place to live. You have the really rich Liberals who don't care, a huge number of disfunctional Blacks that don't produce anything but needy children, and politicians that tax the productive citizens into submission.

The politicians still have time to spread a little hate around too?

Anonymous said...

If you do happen to come back this way I'd even buy you a drink Paul! Keep up the good work!