Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fred Hampton way blocked by Daley?

Give me a break! Daley has shown he does not have the courage to speak out and do the right thing here. The final vote to rename a street after a disgraced, dead urban terrorist thankfully did not happen because of a courageous Alderman (I hope my brothers in blue at the CPD are watching out for his safety).

So the ex-convict, Chip Off The Old Block son of the still dead, felon Panther leader Fred Hampton and Bobby Rush are whining as they blame Daley. That’s just too rich for me! If Hampton and Rush’s allegations were somehow true it would win more votes for Daley.


Anonymous said...

1st time I'm first woooooooaaaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

POWER, that's all Daley cares about, all he ever will care about. He makes almost $200 K a year, and his wife Maggie makes a good living too.

He doesn't have to buy or maintain a car, the city does it for him. He has a squad of armed guards watching over him, plus a detail of officers from the district he lives in watching his house. Money is not and never has been a problem with him. He keeps his skirts clean.

Coppers are just city workers to him. He doesn't really care, he only cares about the big picture, which is the POWER he maintains. He'll never be indicted, never be convicted of a crime. He'll only give up the mayors seat when he's defeated in an election or dies.

Like the Hans Christian Anderson tale, the Emporer's new clothes, everyone sees, but no one will say anything.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paul -

Love the picture.

Perhaps that's the look he ahd after reading my faxed letter to him to get a spine.

Either that, or he needs to eat more roughage...