Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pay Per View Ghettocams Coming Soon?

Why aren’t Chicago's Ghettocam images broadcast on the Internet for all to see? Many people in Chicago’s crappy neighborhoods could watch their own homes, cars and business from anywhere. Knowing that Chicago’s politicians never met a tax they didn’t like, you'd think they’d be smart enough to charge a fee for access.

There’s an interesting story in today’s Chicago Sun Times: "I don't even sell drugs. I got a job ... I just like hanging out," said a construction worker from South Shore who asked to be identified only as Chris. The young black man standing near 71st and Paxton said he fears police retaliation. "They're watching us right now.... The cameras make you miserable, man."


Anonymous said...

I'd pay to watch the incide of Daley's prison cell when he goes to Club Fed!

Anonymous said...

So let's imagine I'm a local gang member and my 12 year old kid brother shows me there's a website constantly monitoring the local area. Hey! Now I don't have to stand out in the early morning rain to see when Mr. Neighbor leaves for work, so I can break into his apartment with my friends! And I can see when he's gotten home, so I can invade his apartment with my friends and take his money on payday. Dang! This could be profitable! Call it "any-user friendly."

But those who want to watch their own homes or parked cars? Will their boss at work like that? Not likely. Let's imagine I'm a 15 year old computer nerd who sets up an alarm system using the cams - my computer can now monitor for suspicious activity, checking the cams at scheduled intervals and calling/paging those who sign up for my service if their car is targeted for relocation. Call it "enterpreneur friendly."

Now let's imagine I'm the 12 year old kid brother to the gang member. I set up the same alarm system, only now I'm getting paid NOT to set my older brother on the unprotected cars and apartments of those who sign up and pay for my "protective service." Call it "protection racket."

My goodness, the possibilities are endless. By all means, make the monitors public & let the games begin!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

If Daley could raise more money to squander on his campaign donors by puting this out for pay per view what would he do? Let's see hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

see how they get it started? "lets see what the animals are 'really' like". then when they install cameras everywhere with their 'evidence' that its a good thing, you will not be able to move without it being documented. when they finally pull the rug from underneath the middle class, and you grow tired of the breadlines, dont gather for a protest. the strumtroops will squash you in minutes because of these cameras.