Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Bad News About The TSA Bombs And Airplanes

I have complained from the first day the FAA began searching passengers like criminals. It’s ineffective, intrusive and violates the Fourth Amendment that outlaws unreasonable searches absent a judge’s warrant.

Americans are such cowards they seem to support whatever they’re told might keep them safe. The problem is that this safety is only an apparition in their minds.

The civilians at the FAA and TSA who no nothing about crime or police work have rejected the only methods that can really work. The methods that can work are to begin with a strong police presence at the airport. That’s followed by behavior profiling of passengers and small talk interviews by the officers. Add to that armed pilots, off duty, armed police officers and the Federal Air Marshals.

Encouraging police officers that have met exacting training standards to fly standby for free or half-price is so simple that it screams for implementation. We’ve had cops flying our airplanes while armed since the first passenger planes without any problem.

I’m not going to provide anyone with a primer here on bomb making, but the new electronic sniffers, x-ray machines or physical searches won’t detect explosives that will bring a plane down. The people that know chemistry and explosives will also know how to defeat these expensive placebos the TSA has forced us to buy.

The TSA and FAA refuse to concentrate on real security and would rather rely on smoke and mirrors. I guess they think the public believes their propaganda.

Here’s the latest NBC sensational report about explosives detection and TSA failures.


Anonymous said...

When all this TSA crap started up, Chicago PD had special employment at time and a half a the airport. I worked it til the program was cancelled.

I watched many times when an elderly man or woman had to take off their shoes to check for weapons. One time it was an old woman with a walk, I shit you not!...she had to take off her SANDALS so they could be inspected. Talk about PC gone awry. If I hadn't seen it myself, I would never have believed it.

That doesn't count the nail files confiscated, or the nail files broken off the fingernail clippers. I've seen that too. If some terrorist tried to attack me with a nailfile from his toenail clippers, I'd shove them up his ass! Common sense went out the window.

Anonymous said...

That whole airline security has been a stupid cluster$uck from day one. You are on the right track Crimefile!

Come on back to work, you're missed here!