Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Rare Ending To An Armored Truck Hold-Up!

I’ve heard a lot of armored car stick-up stories and most all of them have ugly endings. Yesterday morning this crew in Long Beach, CA followed their training and foiled a deadly heist involving several offenders with shoulder weapons. No guards or bystanders were injured, no money was taken and one offender was sent to life support.

Read the story and watch the video.


Anonymous said...

I'm first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CPDSpicoli said...

I saw the video news report! The media always wants to know who fired first? Who F$%^en cares. I the hope guards fired first! If I were put in that situation no questions asked I would be out of ammo. I'm glad non of the guards were hurt. The animal got what he diserved.