Saturday, March 25, 2006

Protesting Immigration Laws And Proposed Laws

The millions of alien criminals, yes I said criminals are now protesting any laws that involve immigration law enforcement. Some of the protesters proudly carry Mexican flags. What’s that about? They voted with their feet to leave their own corrupt Socialist homeland yet they waive the Mexican flag on our soil? I’m sorry I just don’t get it.

The American Liberals cant seem to decide if they want strong unions or the labor free-for-all with the alien invasion. They can’t have it both ways.

Instead of these disenfranchised Mexicans invading America, they need to take back their own country and demand a free market system. They need to send their Mexican politicians at gunpoint into exile instead of fleeing here. The Mexican government’s only effort has been to export their crime, poverty and ignorance North of the border and that must stop.

The United States needs to send a message to Mexico telling them they have all of the natural resources we have and they need to change or lose all American aid and tourism .

The Bolsheviks, Communists, Socialists and Liberals will never admit their ideal government cannot work. It’s failed everywhere it has been tried.

Bush’s anti-labor, “Guest Worker Program” is only a prescription for more blight and a weak national defense. Enough is enough!


Anonymous said...


The mayor of Chicago came out to this rally and publicly kissed the ass of all those illegal immigrants. He fears the kind of power that can raise that kind of crowd.

He has been cutting the benefits and politicizing the lives of all his employees to pay his campaign/contributor contractors ever since he started. His handling of the Hampton street sign has been another blow to the morale of the department.

The rank and file of the Chicago Police Department will be marching on the first Sunday of May (the 7th) in the annual St. Jude parade. We would like to show that we can raise that kind of crowd. So we are asking police officers, military, security, scouts troops from anywhere, to wear your dress uniform and come down to join us. We are asking that citizens from anywhere to come and join us as the St. Jude parade is an impressive sight.

If we can raise that kind of crowd, maybe then he will FEAR US.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more.

What really annoys me is that we have Spanish channels on TV. What's that about! America has been so successful because immigrants have assimilated. Europe has terrible problems with immigrants because by providing services in their own languages (in London every Government document in every Town Hall is available in 20 languages) all they have done is create third world ghettos in their own cities. Instead of benefiting from moving from the third world to the first world, the immigrants have simply turned parts of London, Paris, Rotterdam into the third world.

Anonymous said...

This fight for our rights against these 3rd world interlopers has just begun. Gov't is incapable or does not want to stop this tide of humanity. We americans can not support the world. We have our own issues. Chicago is a lost cause with daly at the helm. I would like to see our borders secured.