Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Welcome to The United Police States of America!

I don’t think our founding fathers would be too pleased about what’s going on in Kansas. It seems we’ve paid so much in taxes that our politicians and the bureaucrats they’ve appointed can waste our money on the newest Big Brother technology to keep us citizens under tight control.

They have made everything including freedom illegal and now comes the big hammer. Whenever the police make a traffic violation or other street stop they’re going to take our fingerprints and electronically submit them to that giant fingerprint database in the sky.

I guess as technology improves we can all have RFID tags so we will never be lost again! Why bother just keeping tabs on sex offenders or people out on bail awaiting trial when everyone can join that club!

Of course there are those people that feel the Bill of Rights is only something to protect criminals rather than a way to keep government out of our personal affairs. They will think this is wonderful.

Ted Kaczynski is sitting in a tiny super-maximum prison cell because he saw this abuse of technology coming. He wanted to stop this the only way he could with deadly bombs and that long, nearly impossible to read Manifesto.

Every year our government sells us some new way to control absolutely every aspect of our lives. We just don’t know how to say no.

I can’t help but believe that the “Mad UNABOM Bomber”, Ted Kaczynski was not really all that mad.

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Anonymous said...

The future does not look good for any kind of privacy.