Monday, March 20, 2006

Are They For Cops Or Cop Killers?

We’ve got a serious question for Mayor Richard M. Daley and his appointed Superintendent of Police, Phil Cline. We are waiting for these two leaders show a little spine and decide what side of this street naming insult they have taken.

They are free to agree with naming a street after a convicted felon who was awaiting trial for kidnapping and torturing someone while advocating the murders of cops at the time of his well deserved death.

They can also do the right thing and not be a party to creating a new icon for Chicago’s children under some “martyred hero”, twisted image. That would not be fair to the children or the families of cops murdered and maimed during the Black Panther reign of terror during the 1960s.

Daley, Cline where do you stand?


Anonymous said...

Silence on the part of the mayor is particularly interesting in light of the fact that the murdered Officer Gilhooly was the nephew of Police Officer Alphonsus Gilhooly. Officer Alphonsus Gilhooly is the first person mentioned by name in Royko's book on Richard I, "Boss." Officer Gilhooly was detailed to protect then mayor daley's house (with young mayor-to-be presumably sleeping soundly inside) in the days before the mayors detail was a choice assignment. He was just a regular copper, doing the job he was assigned. It is sickening to think that Al Gilhooly walked a foot post in front of the mayor's house, protecting the daley family and that the mayor cannot be bothered to take a serious stand on this issue. The man who protected daley's family lost his nephew at the hands of a member of the black panther organization, and all the mayor can muster is a brush-off answer that this is an aldermanic issue. mayor daley is an absolute coward.

Anonymous said...

The pins are available at

You can call Mike or Donna at

The name Gilhooley has been corrected to Gilhooly.

Apologies if the misspelling has caused any grief.

The morning of the first Sunday of May is the occasion annual St. Jude Parade in Chicago. It commemorates the lives and service of all Chicago Police Officers who have died in the line of duty. We would like to see a large turnout of all citizens at this event. This would help to show support for our officers and show outrage about this Hampton fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Go to (America's Most Wanted home page) and cast your vote for the Chicago Police Officer nominated for the All-Star honor. (I'm sure the others are deserving as well, but hey, I'm pretty sure everyone around here is biased) In fact, in honor of tomorrow's primary and the Chicago way of doing electoral business, vote for him twice. And have your long deceased Great-Aunt Gladys vote too.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little off topic, but are you watching as the Machine steal an election right before our very eyes. I am referring of course to the race between Forrest Claypool and John Stroger for County Board President. When I went to bed, Claypool was up by about 18,000 votes. At 0300 hrs. the board of elections shut everything down due to "technology malfunctions" and will begin recounting today at about 1300 hrs. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of my national police memorial we sent a letter to Mayor Daley and copied it off to Sen. Obama, Supt. Cline and some of the media (John Kass, Fox news).

I have not heard not one word. None.

You see, the new thing in politics is "silence." This isn't just in Chicago but everyone else I deal with.

So, if one disagrees with you or it's a HOT ISSUE, the key thing to do is to ignore it or just be silent.

Paul, if you want, you can email me as I lost your address and I'll send you a copy too. I'd like you to read it as well.

All of this makes me want to run for office, something I thought would never come out of my mouth...

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? I saw my grandpa's name on the voting roster.

He passed away right after I was born in 69'...

Anonymous said...

All Politics. Nothing like Richie M. Daley wanting to designate these clowns as "Community Activists". Rev. Jakes amd Meeks at your service.

Anonymous said...


The mayor's handling of the Hampton street sign has been another blow to the morale of the department.

The rank and file of the Chicago Police Department will be marching on the first Sunday of May (the 7th) in the annual St. Jude Parade. We would like to show that we can raise the kind of crowd that let's him know he can be defeated. So we are asking police officers, military, security, scout troops from anywhere, to wear your dress uniform and come down to join us. We are asking that citizens from anywhere to come and join us as the St. Jude Parade is an impressive sight.

If we can raise that kind of crowd, maybe then he will FEAR US.

Oh, by the way, Daley never comes to the St. Jude Parade. Frankly, I don't want him there

Anonymous said...

Reverend Meeks ran against Daley in the last election. Meeks is a terrible police hater. So what did Daley do, he ran two other black candidates, I think it was a female school teacher and another reverend. This was to split the black vote and it worked.

But did anyone notice, that in the whitest wards of the city, there were votes for those other candidates.

Daley can be defeated, or we can only pray that he gets indicted and convicted.