Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bring back the CPD policewoman uniform please!

The late Ann Leybourne Biebel, seen here was a fine example of an officer that did great work in both uniforms. I admit I had a difficult time adjusting to this petite and feminine woman’s change to wearing pants, and replacing her cute little beret with the O.W. Wilson, checkerboard hat.

There was a time when men were men and women were women. That’s all changed now and I was sorry to see that concept go away. Women were belatedly integrated with men for regular police work. I have no problem with this other than for too many women a loss of their femininity. Women have proven themselves up to the task for the most part.

Not all female officers are in patrol. Many work desk duties, or are involved with academy training. These gals don’t need to cross-dress as men to perform their duties like what’s required in patrol.

I say it’s time to bring back those policewomen uniforms for those ladies who are assigned to wear uniforms outside of patrol.

Roseanne Fitzgerald, Cindy Kane, Sue Luther and Marie Murphy are some of the ladies pictured here.


Anonymous said...

I for one wouldn't object if some of the women working inside decided to wear the old uniform. But then, I'm a male chauvenist who appreciates a nice pair of legs and a curvy body. And believe me, there are women working HQ that would look TERRIFIC in such a uniform.

Sadly, there are women who would look HORRIFIC in such a uniform. Either way though, I don't think it will happen. Too bad though.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Can we make it optional?

Anonymous said...

I'm female and HATE wearing skirts and dresses...

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

leomemorial what would you have worn to see that new Willis flick with me?

Anonymous said...

JESUS CHRIST! oh yeah-- lets OBJECTIFY the women! it is hard enough to get taken seriously on his job..thanks crimefile,,you just help set us back....oh by the way,, I for one am SICK of the @#$% sexual harrassment I endure wearing @#$% uniform pants!

Anonymous said...

I dont think she would go to a movie with you....male chauvanist pig

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Hey guys, behave yourselves! If you treat them like ladies maybe they will act, dress and look like ladies!

Okay too many of us boys have been jerks. Don't punish us all though!

Anonymous said...

If an Assistant State's Attorney can wear a business suit with skirt to work, or any lawyer for that matter, why can't a lady police officer dress in such a fashion if she's not in the field?

I for one would welcome it, especially on some of the women I've seen working inside. And they can keep trousers at the ready like everyone is supposed to do who works inside, in case of deployent.

Won't happen though.

John Mosby said...

Paul, in this day and age anyone in a uniform is a target.

If you're going to be a target, you may as well be a reactive target - one that can shoot back quickly because your weapon is readily accessible, run to/away from danger, rassle with the bad guy, pick up/drag casualties, etc.

The trend in modern police uniforms is toward the paramilitary/BDU design, the FedEx casual (polo/khakis) design, or the athletic/bicycle-cop design for these reasons.

If an LEO is in a duty position that can be performed in a skirt, maybe s/he should be in a civilian business suit or dress. Or maybe the position should be civilianized.


Anonymous said...

There should be two uniforms for the female officers: The first, a tight skirt and belly shirt would be worn until the ladies get their first service strip. The second would be the refer to wrap themselves in because after five years any hot female officers turn into fat pigs.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

TO: March 12, 2006 4:59 PM

How many of us macho hereos can still fit into the same uniforms we wore as recruits?

I have my original two sets of kakhis (remember those?). They look like they were from when I was in fifth grade!

It would take six months in one Hitler's concentration camps to get my fat ass into them again!

Anonymous said...

Our male coppers look like wimps now.. HEY SUPT! Get rid of those silly baseball caps!!!

We look like the punk police.. or worse; caddies .. hey kid! get my putter!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Those CPD ball caps are the ugliest ball caps I've ever seeen! When I was in Chicago I did not even want to take one home as a keepsake. Door shakers in Chicago wear better caps!

The new stars suck big time too!

Anonymous said...

I work in one of the Areas. I wore a skirt to work...once. First off, you look stupid if you don't wear heels with a skirt and you look like a friggin Brownie if you wear flats. Secondly, I felt exposed. And, what do you fasten your gun belt to? I don't know of too many skirts with belt loops.

Somehow wearing a skirt doesn't look professinal (to me, anyhow).

Giving women the option to wear skirts is like giving the detail guys the optionof wearing the shorts. Some people just should not be allowed. Have you ever seen a 250 lb man in cargo shorts? Not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the last posting, I guess it's a "NO" huh? Too bad!

Nothing wrong with a lady looking like a lady if she's not working the street.

Too bad.

leomemorial said...

I just saw this comment, Paul.

For you, I would have worn a skirt with nice sandals (w/heels), or nice sleek slacks with the same (sandals/wheels).

What can I say? I'm a Lauren Bacall type a woman!!