Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Now We Must Pay for the Unwise Decision not to Drill For Oil in the USA

We have entrusted a bunch of savage 13th Century dwelling Muslim tribes in the Mideast as our nearly exclusive oil source. They have spent decades using their position to extort from us at an unbridled pace. The Arabs relied on us and European nations for help and technology to make them very wealthy. The payback has been a giant bite to our hand that fed the bastards.

Our fuel costs are dramatically skyrocketing but soon the cost of our food and anything else will be mindboggling because everything is all tied to the price of Arab oil. I see no fix this time.

The Greenies have been relentlessly screaming that drilling for oil in America is bringing on Global Warming and we’re all going to die. Of course, they want us to believe that drilling for oil in the Mideast is really harmless and does not endanger anyone. That’s the logic of the Left. The Left wants to destroy the American economy and free enterprise so their motives for the anti-drilling are obvious.

Now we can pay for what our Socialist Controlled Congress has forced upon us. Before it’s all over we will be paying with the blood and lives of our children. Did we get the government we deserved?

I don’t see how we can avoid total collapse and Anarchy. That will make it so much easier to establish a one world Socialist Government.

America, it’s far easier to reject the Socialist straightjacket now than to let this happen and try to fight it later. We must do whatever is necessary to get the Socialists and Communists out of every level of American government.

Anyone who blocks the exploration of oil on American property is a traitor and must be severely punished.

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Anonymous said...


Man there is no end to the Stupidity of our U.S. Politicians, AND THE TAXPAYERS... I think they are getting kickbacks to keep us addicted to Foreign Oil. There's no excuse for it. I hope Trump runs, I'm really sick of ALL these Politician types, both DemocRAT and Rebublicans. This Country is Far. Far. Far. Far too Liberal, even when being run by the Republicans.
We are doomed to be a 3rd World Country, led by a Dictator, with ALL our Constitutional Rights stripped away, in favor of some Unitrd Nations international unconstitutional Laws. What Bullshit.