Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Color Revolution In Gun Grips is Underway!

Carol Stream, IL--Eagle Grips has led the way in grip design for four decades. Comfort, control and constant product innovation is what this company is all about. The time has come for some Eagle Grips to lead gun owners into a new era of artistry and style.

I've been a fan of Eagle Grips since nearly the day of it's birth. I've been personally associated with this company assisting with product development, design and public relations for many years. I've attended trade shows and such with this company and that's kept me close to gun makers and the trends of the industry.

The attendees of NRA Gun Show in Pittsburgh, PA are in for a real treat. Eagle Grips will be unveiling the Art Jewel Collection of grips. This will send the industry on its ear like never before!

As you can see from a few samples in the picture above these new products are show stoppers! If you can attend the show beginning Friday in Pittsburg stop by the Eagle Grips Booth at the show and see these elegant treasures for yourself.

You can visit Eagle Grips at www.eaglegrips.com

See what American Handgun Magazine editor Roy Hunington has to say about these new grips.


Anonymous said...

Those grips look like hard candy, do theh taste as good as they look?

Anonymous said...

Hey,now my gun can match my bowling ball.

Det. Shaved Longcock said...

You OK Paul???? We haven't heard from you!!!

Let us know please!