Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Brought My Gun to High School, Nobody Died!

Chicago, IL—The do-gooder and government nannies have prevailed to make America into a police state. They have increased violence through a series of laws that have made drugs and gun violence fashionable by simple prohibition.

In our world anything that’s good is fun, fattening or illegal. The law steps in and makes things more desirable through simple curiosity. Guns, drugs, sex and violence become glorified as the status of these things are raised by those in government with wild imaginations that believe freedom is somehow dangerous.

It was West Side Story, the great Jerome Robbins musical not reality that caused a massive legislative movement that outlawed switchblade knives. Simply think, what’s more dangerous, a unsheathed hunting knife or a little switchblade? That switchblade must first reliably open to be deployed. Which would have the stronger and more deadly blade? The answer is obvious this was a non-problem “fixed” through unnecessary law.

I brought my rifle and a box of 50 rounds of ammunition to Chicago’s Senn High School every week and no animals or children suffered. When I was drafted into the Army to defend my country I was better off for being a member of my Jr. ROTC rifle team.

What would happen today if I took two CTA buses with a cased rifle and entered my old high school? It would make national news for sure.


Anonymous said...

I remember as a kid growing up in Maine we used to bring our guns in for show and tell.........I dont ever remember any one getting hurt...........I wonder why?????????

Anonymous said...

As a fellow graduate of Senn (65)
when did you graduate? I too was on the rifle team with R.O.T.C.
Remember DELTA, TJO, HARRY'S and Bob's?
Boy I sure miss those good old days.
It was a great school.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, is this a picture of a Winchester M-1 or M-2, or maybe a M-1922? jms

Anonymous said...

I was "beat in" to Delta in the winter at Ardmoe Beach in 1963. We all hung at Bob's. I don't remember things quite the way you do. There was a lot more violence than you remember.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

In 1963 Bob's was okay bwcause the girls looked so good. The music on the jukebox was better than the crap they put out today. As for violence, I remember some fights but no stabbings or shootings. The ROTC boys and the few girls were well behaved. Sergeant's Ketzner and Mautner would not have it any other way!

Bob's and the Green and White are long gone. I wonder where the kids hang out today?

Anonymous said...

In '63 The "Taylor Street Dukes" came to Senn to fight. School was basically out for the day with everyone wearing white t-shirts. I know this as a participant. There were a couple of stabbings. All the junkies from Bryn Mawr used to hang out at "The Ridge House" on Peterson. They did a lot of burglary's. TJO and all the Turfer's from St. Gert's were there. As an Original Turfer, I could name all these guys. You're right about the girls, though. Bob's wife Lill and Bob were two of the best people I knew. I was in a fight where Bob's gumball machine (in the front) got smashed by someone's head that didn't belong there. I never told Bob I was sorry. I regret that to this day.