Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visit Eagle Grips At The NRA Convention

Phoenix, AZ—Should you make it here to voice your concerns about gun rights and the Obama Factor, stop by exhibit booth number 2406 where Eagle Grips will be selling products at the show.

The finest grips from all materials are here that will fit your fine handguns. From the concealable, Secret Service model grips I designed, to the most elegant Gunfighter grips for those cowboy revolvers will be there just for you. .

Sooner or later you may even see me stop by that booth!

The Eagle Grips Website is right here!

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Ed Skinner said...

I've been wanting their Secret Service grips for my S&W 36. I'll be at the show this coming weekend so I will include a visit to their booth andn look over what's available.
Let's see, textured or smooth? Ebony? Rosewood? And what about another set for dress-up in, oh I don't know, Stag horn?
Thanks for the tip!