Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Woman Is Exactly Why California is A Total Mess

Sacramento, CA--California Speaker of the State Assembly Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) says the budget is “too complicated” for the voters to understand.

Bass actively campaigned for the tax extortion programs soundly defeated by California’s exceptionally Liberal voters. If it was too radical for even California voters, it shows just how far out of step Bass is with the people whose pockets she’s picking. The real problem for Bass is that the voters understood this tax and budget mess only too well.

Karen Bass, please do us a favor and drop dead.

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Socialism Sucks said...

Ex-communist Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown, to whom Tony Blair handed power in 2007 and who has never risked facing the electorate, was recently challenged to call a general election. His response was that this would cause 'chaos'!

It's much better for power to be passed from one slimy crook to another without all the disruption of voting isn't it?

And in California isn't it good of Ms Bass to protect the poor voters from being confused by the budget.