Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drew Peterson, Innocence or Arrogance?

Joliet, IL—As retired Bolingbrook polce sergeant and now murder suspect Drew Peterson sits in a jail cell waiting for his day in court the court of public opinion has already weighed in and found him guilty.

No special damning evidence has surfaced. The state has a paper thin case that more about third party hearsay and letters than evidence. This is more about trial by police and prosecution press release.

Forget the dispute over the cause of death associated with Peterson’s third wife for a moment and let’s concentrate on her alleged letters to police and prosecutors claiming she was predicting her own murder. I’ve seen those letters so many times before and always under the same circumstances of a crumbling marriage where considerable assets and children are involved.

In the old days before no fault divorces were the American norm every wife had to accuse every husband of beatings and death threats or they could not get a divorce. Go to any courthouse in the country and look at those divorce papers from the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s they all list those allegations, every one. It became a game that everyone including the attorneys and judges simply had to play.

In recent times the allegations or beatings, threats and drug use are in every divorce complaint where child custody is an issue. Is it about child custody or money? Child custody seems to take a back seat to cool hard cash. The spouse married to the significant wage earner of the house can’t get that ten grand a month child support without gaining full custody of the children.

Allegations become extortion levers as some women put pictures of themselves in safety deposit boxes and make a record for later use in court. It’s an ugly business, but as a private investigator it’s played out in case after case that I've seen with my own eyes.

The sad part is when the allegations are actually true. That’s the realty in less than five percent of custody battles.

As to the original question I posed is Drew Peterson, innocent, arrogant or perhaps both? I’ve been around thousands of people accused of crimes and found that there is no standard conduct of the actually innocent suspect. Some become withdrawn and depressed, some scream bloody murder and many are just like Drew Peterson.

The Drew Peterson types are outraged that they’re even a suspect at all. As their neighbors and former friends begin attacking them, the reaction is to come out swinging. They begin to ridicule their detractors like that fat, and obnoxious woman next door with the dyed blond hair or Peterson’s wive's relatives with the tattoos and piercings.

Peterson fell into an ugly fight with some repulsive people and is going to need an image makeover in order to get a fair trial. Peterson will have to be in the capable hands of a great defense time. I predict Peterson will post a lower more reasonable bail and put up a fierce fight for his life now.

I’d like to think most Americans don’t want Peterson convicted unless he’s guilty.

As for the family members of wives, number three and four they know a Guilty Verdict will get them free money that belongs to Peterson’s children. Under those circumstances we’d all be arrogant.


Anonymous said...

Drew is 2nd cousin to chicago alderman Ginger Rugai of the 19th ward. she swears he is innocent.

Jaguar said...

I have found some suspects have such a contempt for everybody but themselves that they just boldly act out and lie, with a complete straight face, without even worrying if they're plausible. They have so little regard for anyone else that they don't even think they're not 100% believable. Peterson strikes me as that type.

Rick Huffman (Dreams In Blue: The Real Police) said...

The Democrats are having a fit about "due process" not being afforded terrorist detainees and yet they would change the law to allow third-party hearsay in an American's trial.