Monday, May 25, 2009

A Green Idea From A Conservative.

Want to save millions of barrels of oil? Want to save lots of natural gas and electricity? Want to reduce automobile accidents? Want three day weekends?

That sounds too go to be true doesn’t it? It’s really quite simple we all go to a four-day, ten-hour work week. We take off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Schools can do the same as to not create problems with families. The savings in non-renewable energy resources would be spectacular. The saving to businesses and workers would stimulate the economy better than anything our worthless President has proposed.

There are those businesses that need to stay open like grocery stores, restaurants and movie theaters. These businesses will just continue as they always have.

This is a simple fix that will help America get back on its feet sooner.

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Southern IL said...

Well..... I guess I'm doing my part. I work 7/12 hour shifts every 14 days.

(boy... those 12 hour days get reeeeeeeeally long sometimes, though!)