Friday, May 22, 2009

Drew Peterson To Remain In Jail For The Time Being.

JOLIET, Il-Desperate Will County prosecutors now claim retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson tried to hire a hitman to murder his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Solicitation to commit murder is always a crime and Peterson’s never been charged with that kind of an offense. Since Peterson has not been charged with solicitation it’s a meaningless accusation.

The lack of credibility for such a claim screams as prosecutors successfully headed off a defense effort to reduce the staggering $20 million dollar bail bond keeping Peterson behind bars.

The claim is Peterson offered to pay $25,000 for the murder os Savio who was later found dead in her bathtub. Prosecutors also say Peterson told a fellow officer that he’d be better off if Savio was dead because he’d be financially destroyed by his pending divorce.

Will County Circuit Court Judge Carla J. Alessio-Policandriotesow refused to lower Peterson's bail. Now it’s off to the Illinois Court of Appeals for lawyer Joel Brodsky where he will seek a review of the judge’s action. Stay tuned for further developments.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for keeping me informed of this case. Not living in Chicago any longer I am out of the loop.

We all know Peterson is guilty of something. Let's hope they get him the RIGHT way and not on something bogus, and there is no double jeopardy.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Who is We? I don't know who is guilty here by any stretch.

Guilty of being an arrogant man perhaps.

I do however hope that true justice will prevail.

I know we don't want any innocent men in jail.

Anonymous said...

We don't want murderers escaping justice, either!

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Murderers escaping justice is a fact of life. Only about 36% of murders are cleared by arrest.

Anonymous said...

We, meaning, those that believe he is guilty. I believe he is guilty of his last two wives......

He is one smart cookie-sociopath. Police veteran, that knows the game. His arrogance is astounding in the face of these "alleged" crimes.......

I dunno Paul, my gut says he is guilty, 2 wives, one missing one dead, all young women he married or dating, this guy has more screws loose then Home Depot. Somethings got to give. If he is the murderer, I hope they nail his ass with a solid case.

Jim McMahon said...

(Part 1 of 3)
From what I’ve seen on TV, I’m not a big Drew Peterson fan either, but don’t forget, he was a Cop, and it’s open season on our Police Officers all across this nation. And it pisses me off a little when the different news networks incorrectly describe him as being a retired Police Sergeant from “Chicago,” because he never worked in the city, he worked in a small suburb called Bolingbrook, about 40 miles from Chicago and I don’t consider him to be a real Cop. I don’t think he’d last a week in any big city Police Department, least of all in Chicago. I view him as little more than a “Toy Soldier” or an “Andy Frain Usher” with a gun, but truth be told, my opinions may be biased because my Father was a Patrolman on the CPD for over 34 years.

Back when we allowed the Police to do their jobs, the law was the law and I must admit that I ended up on the receiving end of a few well deserved ass whoopins by the CPD when I was a punk, which was fine so long as they didn’t take me home to my Old Man. None of us were any worse off for this and for the most part it kept us all on track and I never lost respect for them or what they do for us. Anyone that grew up in Chicago in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s knew that these guys were as tough as nails and weren’t going to take any shit from anyone. “Yes sir” and “no sir” were the best answer to give them when asked a question and it didn’t do us a bit of harm. I’m certain that today’s Cops are every bit as tough as their predecessors and if the goody, goody PC Liberals didn’t have their hands tied, they’d be more than capable of cleaning up the mean streets of America in no time at all, and we’d all be living in a much safer world.

But I don’t know Drew Peterson from Adam, and like I mentioned earlier, much of my opinions about him are “from what I’ve seen on TV,” and that’s what I see as the big problem here. He has been tried and convicted of a crime, or crimes he may not have committed by the media circus already. He has been arrested and sits in jail with a ridiculously high bond set at 20 million dollars and there hasn’t been a single shred of real evidence produced to implicate him with any crime yet,… far as I know.

I can only imagine how desperate this Will County State’s Attorney, James Glasgow and his small town prosecutors must be as they run for the camera’s with their best “Law & Order” faces on, as they try to make a name for themselves and get their 15 minutes of fame with this case at Peterson’s expense. They have even went so far as to get an unconstitutional law passed specifically to be used against Peterson to allow “hearsay,” or if you prefer “rumor and innuendo,” to be used as evidence against this guy.

Jim McMahon said...

(Part 2 of 3)
These hopeless Glory Hounds called the media to request they follow them to film their big time arrest of Peterson while he sat quietly in traffic so they could get their mugs on TV. As it turned out, it was uneventful and not too dramatic. Peterson cooperated fully and didn’t resist arrest like they were probably hoping for. Every single episode I’ve ever seen of Cops was more dramatic than this arrest was. At least on “Bad Boy’s, Bad Boy’s,” they’ll drag some shirtless hillbilly around for a few minutes for our entertainment! And the topper was when the two fat Cops parked a half of a block away from the entrance of the Will County Courthouse before Peterson’s arraignment hearing instead of pulling right up to the door, which is SOP when the camera’s aren’t rolling. I guess they all want in on the act and were worried that their friends and families might miss seeing their lard asses waddling next to Peterson on TV to seemingly validate themselves. These cheesy theatrics are exclusive to non combat small town hick Cops, and an embarrassment to the Police Officers that work in the big cities and put their asses on the line everyday without this kind of amateur fanfare. In fact, the “Real Police” will usually try to avoid camera’s whenever possible, because every move they make that’s caught on camera will usually be edited into something it’s not, and then selective snippets get released to the public for scrutiny by all the Monday morning Quarterbacks that believe in all the bullshit they see and hear on TV.

Most people that don’t work in a major city have absolutely no concept of what these Cops have to endure in the performance of doing their jobs every single day they go to work. Because nobody will back them anymore, it’s gotten to the point that the Cops are forced to put their jobs and even their freedom in jeopardy just doing what they have to do to protect us, and they get treated like shit for this.

I lay the blame for most of this shit on our mainstream news media. It is no longer being operated by journalists that report the news, instead it’s ran by Socialist activists that are experts at distorting the truth and are more interested in convincing the public of their lies to suit their liberal left agendas. Just look at the conman that they convinced the majority of American voters to put in the Whitehouse! These feeble minded morons are completely enamored with a do nothing, know nothing “Communist Prick,” that could eat babies on national TV and never lose a single point in his approval rating by these brainwashed lemmings,…..and we all sit idly by and allow him to run this great country right into the ground.

Jim McMahon said...

(Part 3 of 3)
Being a father of three young women, I asked myself these simple questions;
 Does Drew Peterson’s penchant for chasing women young enough to be his daughters or even his granddaughters bother me? You bet your ass!
 Do I think he is arrogant? Yes I do!
 Is he an obnoxious smartass? I think so!
 Is he capable of committing murder? I believe anyone is!
 Could he have killed his 3rd wife? I don’t know!
 If he did kill his 3rd wife and got away with it, would he be stupid enough to kill his 4th wife and recruit help from a nitwit relative to help him dispose of her body? I really, really doubt it!
 Is there any real evidence against him? I haven’t seen any!
 Should the presumption of innocence be extended to him just like every other American citizen? Without a doubt!
 Can he get a fair trial anywhere in this country after all this media hype? Absolutely not!

While most of us will agree that what we’ve all seen and heard about Drew Peterson is not very appealing to us, none of these things make him a killer and should not put him in jail. Popular beliefs, media opinions and gut feelings should not enter into this equation, only real evidence should. We don’t have to like him, and he doesn’t have to act the way we think he should act, but as an American citizen, protected by our laws and Constitutional Rights, he is still entitled to a fair and just trial. And without rock solid, beyond a shadow of a doubt irrefutable evidence against him, he should be immediately released from custody and allowed to return to his family and get on with his life.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to leave a comment in response to Jim McMahon's comments about Drew Peterson and a fair trial.

Jim, do you realise that 99% of the media hype has been created by Drew Peterson?

He is even giving interviews from his jail cell.

I really the media should not be allowed to submit an accused person to a trial by media, but in this case the media are not doing the chasing. Drew Peterson is chasing the media.

Don't you think if he kept quiet from the day he was considered a suspect, we wouldn't be subjected to most of the news we get about him?

Something to think about.