Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Police, Pink Slips and Gun Rights

Ohio, USA-Cash strapped Toledo and Columbus are laying-off cops. Because Ohio is a right to carry state, many citizens will be ready for most anything including those dreaded pink slips.

Like cops the armed citizens need to learn not to bite off more than they can chew and call for back-up. If the police can’t come, arrange it with a well trained neighbor or two to act as your back-up.

Should you come home and find the door broken or otherwise suspect someone is in your home don’t ever try making a house clearing without competent help. Wait for the burglars outside and confront them there. If they threaten you fire shots until the threat passes.

Through it all remember the four words to tell inquiring police, "I want a lawyer" and NOTHING else. Let a neighbor make any 911 calls. Stay off the 911 operator’s recording of your words. Don’t ever answer any questions other than name and address and if you need police or an ambulance.

The 911 operators are trained to redundantly try to get you to incriminate yourself so don’t play their game.

Saying that really lame, “I was in fear of my life” crap is an AMISSION THAT YOU SHOT SOMEONE. Don’t confess, say nothing at all. That’s your right!

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Van said...

Good advice, Paul. I keep a saw handy, a good pair of gardening shears and heavy plastic bags, gloves for tossing the criminals properly. Note, there are cameras on many garbage pickup vehicles so bag well. Sad times indeed to watch China replace the USA as the manufacturing mecca of the world. Collapsed by design according to this film.