Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buying A Car From A Bailed Out Car Maker Is Un-American.

Washington, DC: As Barack Obama seizes control of car makers, firing their CEOs and installing his party faithful patronage hacks to run these companies I refuse to buy any the products at any price.

We can all refuse and still let these companies fail sending a message straight to the Whitehouse. My GM days are over for good. It’s too bad but I’d rather drive a Kia.


HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

Paul I agree.

Can't wait for my Chrysler to hit the junk yard.
Have you driven a Ford lately?

Our Mobile Command Center is powered by Ford.

The coach by Fleetwood.
Well be using it again this fri and sat.

Anonymous said...

I agree---for different reasons. The products stink. I walked home from the mechanic's more than I care to count.

Blaming Obama is like blaming the ship that came to rescue the patrons of the Titanic after it was 80% down.

Oba-mao said...

If the ship's captain showed up, convinced everyone to hit the frigid waters and he would save them, and then laughed and sailed away once they believed him and jumped, leaving them to die as he ate wagu beef, then yeah, apt metaphor.