Monday, May 11, 2009

One More Blast From The Past

Jim Croce was only 30 years-old when he died in a place crash on June 30, 1973. He was another singer-song writer that made this e world a better place to live. Of course he had a whole catalog of great material out but never lived long enough to spend any of the money. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite but this one was so mellow.


Anonymous said...

Another Blast from the Past - Tim Hardin

What a great talent- he wrote some songs that are so romantic.

If I were a carpenter, Reason To Believe, Hang on To A Dream, Misty Roses among others.

Everyone sang his songs from Bobby Darin, Joan Baez, the Nice, Rod Stewart and on and on. I think he has been extremely underated in US. It is hard to find Tim Hardin actually singing but I found this.

Southern IL said...

Another fantastic choice, Paul!!! What an amazingly unique voice Jim Croce had. Such a tragic loss of talent at such a young age.

My Favorite?

"Operator". It always made me cry.

Majormarginal said...

"One hand on the Bible, one hand on the gun."