Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fugitive Soccer Mom Released From Michigan Prison

Pittsfield Township, MI—Marie Walsh enjoyed her life in San Diego decades after escaping from a Michigan prison where she was serving hard time under an unusually harsh sentence for selling drugs as a teen.

Walsh lefts her past and her old habits behind as she entered a new respectable life as a mother of three. All went well until that dreaded day when someone informed on Marie and there was a visit from the US Marshall’s fugitive chasers at her upscale home.

Walsh was jailed, extradited, shackled and driven on a seemingly endless ride on a prison bus back to the very place she had fled from so long ago.

What greeted Walsh was a prison occupied by 90%, violent African-American low-life women who would abuse the White socialite for the next thirteen months. I’ve not talked to Walsh just yet but have heard the story so many times before about how White inmates are extorted from, beaten and vilified by the African-Americans from prison workers of both races.

I know Walsh went through absolute Hell as Michigan Governor Granholm did nothing. It figures that that Granholm who is an Obama supporter did not want to show mercy to an obviously rehabilitated White woman. Granholm did not want to lose a single vote from the heavy African-American voting-block.

The racist Detroit, MI-Wayne County Michigan Prosecutor, Kym L. Worthy could not wait to compound Walsh’s troubles by going after her for a decades old escape charge trying to add additional years to Walsh’s incarceration. Instead of more jail Walsh received probation.

Michigan taxpayers wasted a bundle on this lady and neither Michigan nor America is one bit safer as a result. Of course the money spent on lawyers by Walsh and her family for lawyers did not help this lady’s retirement package.

Marie Walsh paid for her sins well beyond what she owed. Now at least she will never fear a knock at her door as long as America stays a free country. What will never go away are the nightmares and horrible memories associated with her ordeal. Tonight Walsh will sleep in her own bed.

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