Sunday, September 07, 2008

What’s A Community Organizer Senator Obama?

That’s a fair question and that title could have covered people working to organize communities for the Nazi Party, The KKK, or the Communist Party anywhere.

The Black Panther Party was a very violent organization based on hatred of all White Americans. They too called themselves, community organizers.

I have no clue from this vague description what Barack Obama was selling or to who. It really sounds like a way for him to cover a period of unemployment.

Middle-aged men routinely say they are or were self-employed consultants to avoid admitting periods of idleness. There is an amount of social disgrace in being out of work.

Of course Michelle Obama was a Chicago Democratic Party insider and that helped get Obama out of the community organization business and on the government’s payroll. Chicago Democratic Party insiders are never unemployed.

For Sarah Palin to suggest that being the Mayor of her home town with responsibilities trumps Obama’s “organizing” function any day is fair play. Obama is so distracted and off his game since he and his minions forgot they’re running against John McCain, not Sarah Palin.

Obama needs to realize he’s really ready for his prize as a second place winner in the November election.

As always the Democratic Party buries their dead. With any luck Obama can keep his Senate seat longer than Carol Mosley Brown kept hers.


Anonymous said...

Paul, you hit the nail on the head! That O-boma con man looks like a guy i use to see at State & Madison in the Loop passing out Community organzation flyers for the black muslim party - the cop killers of Chicago.. I think O-boma is also a drug user, a homosexual who has not one but two guys on the internet saying they had oral sex with him and are willing to take a polygraph to prove what they say is true.. I'm voting Mc Cain and Sarah all the way in Nov.!!!

Anonymous said...

i want to see the photo oh him smoking CRACK COCAINE at the same time Sarah Palins respected husband got a simple DUI.

based on baracks on biography /books that he wrote, he is not even quailified to become a police officer let alone becoming the nations top man.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hey Paul -
Great post and spot on! We in LE know what "community organizer" is code for. I worked in The Deuce last summer at carribean fest and they were selling these.
I thought it was a fucking riot because these nutjob, racist radicals were out murdering folks left and right back in the 60's. Even Tupac Shakur's own father was a Weatherman and was convicted of murdering a security guard during the infamous Brinks robbery in '81.