Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Celebrity Meltdown?

MONTECITO, CA—Pretty and talented TV star Heather Locklear has had her troubles lately. In June she checked into a Tucson, AZ medical facility, for some behavioral issues that came to light after a disturbing 911 call.

Saturday afternoon Locklear was arrested by an officer of the California Highway Patrol for DUI. Locklear was reportedly taking prescription medication that police believe impaired her ability to drive.

I wonder if the officer administering sobriety tests on Locklear took into account Locklear’s very real emotional reaction to the horrible privacy invasion and effect of this exposure on her career?

These kinds of arrests go unnoticed for most Americans but Locklear gets an overdose of humiliation because of her celebrity status. It does seem unfair. This arrest will be resolved with little more than a slap on the wrist in its worst case scenario.

Heather's booking photo is a reminder to always look your best and smile for those over-exposed mugshots.

Locklear's troubles are just a small part of a great career. Hopefully she will soon be in in good health and once more entertaining us in new projects.


Anonymous said...

I hope she gets through this mess in a hurry. Heather has always brought s smile to my face. Heather rocks!

Anonymous said...

Heather needs a man like me to nurse her back to health...