Saturday, September 13, 2008

Each Nasty Smear Of Sarah Palin Sinks Obama’s Campaign Further

Destroying a middle-American hockey-mom is A lot tougher than the desperate and despicable Obama supporters ever thought. They’ve been taking any and every molehill and tried to turn it into a mountain.

The molehill I like the most is that Sarah Palin wanted her brother-in-law fried from his position as a state trooper. It’s matter of record that among other deeds, this dope used a police Taser gun to electrify his own ten year-old son. We would all really hate Palin if she did not take steps to protect her nephew and the public.

Reporters’ trying to trick the 44 year-old mother of five during an interview has a particular smelly odor to it. Sarah Palin is the first major political candidate that can really bring the change that other politicians only promise.

Aside from her obvious leadership skills, Sarah Palin most positively and properly reflects the average American more than any politician seeking a high office in my life time. Sara Rocks!

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how many topics that you post that I agree with 100%. Guess it is a cop thing.
I think that Palin was aware of her brother in law abusing his authority as a state trooper and tried to have his department do an investigation in order to get rid of him. He was that bad. His department head apparently botched the investigation or refused to do his job so she bounced him. I would have done the same. As a retired state police officer myself, I was initially appalled at the news that she tried to fire a state trooper. I guess it was a bit of "state police loyalty" or something, but after I actually read the transcripts of this troopers actions, I thought that he was an arrogant, power hungry, abusive individual who had no business in any position of authority. Palin did the right thing. Liberals, go find another topic to whine about.