Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Face Of A Chicago Gun Criminal

Chicago, IL.—It was in September of 2006 when the Chicago police gun team kicked down fire fighter Ted Kozak’s Northwest Chicago door and grabbed his prized gun collection for the second time.

Kozak is a man who devoted his entire life to saving lives and helping his fellow man. Kozak simply likes and collects firearms while living under an assumption there is in fact a Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms in America. Kozak never sold those guns or used them in any kind of evil act.

Apparently police say that there were a couple of fully automatic firearms in Kozak's collection. Those too are collector’s items that can be lawfully owned by people in most jurisdictions outside of Chicago. Chicago simply violates the gun rights of everyone.

One such firearm was a coveted and venerable Thompson .45 caliber M1A1, sub-machine gun. The other was an increasingly rare British Sten-9MM sub-machine gun. These were museum pieces that were in excellent condition despite the reality that they are as much as 70 years old. These are hardly the tools of today’s criminals but items of significant historical interest and value.

Kozak is facing serious prison time if convicted and that would be a travesty. I say we cannot afford to put this fireman in our prison system.

There are a few legal avenues left for Kozak in Chicago where the Circuit Court judges mirror the attitude of the gun-rights hating Mayor Richard M. Daley. I just don’t see common sense or mercy ever being a part of this prosecution.

Ted Kozak is a productive and good citizen. Mr. Kozak deserves the support of every freedom loving American. Help save Ted Kozak.


Anonymous said...

Any copper that partook in such an irresponsible and unlawful action should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Brainwashed number glory hounds who can't see a real criminal.

NRA for life!!!

Anonymous said...


The mainstream media is finally picking up what we having been saying for years. They are still blatantly lying about the extent of the manpower shortage but at least they are now being forced to acknowledge it.

I encourage every officer to read the article and comment on it,e-mail it to your friends and family and take action. Call your elected officials and demand that they ensure you are safe by hiring the correct amount of PO's. Why do districts like 016,008,022,020,019,017 have to suffer while the tactical and gang teams are routinely stripped from them? What will happen if there are Cubs/Sox Riots,Obama Riots or a 9/11 type catastrophe???

I have written to both Presidential candidates asking them about the lack of law enforcement in urban cities and what there initiatives are to confront these issues. I propose another Federal hiring initiative similar to President Clintons in the early 1990's(Crime Bill Initiative). The CPD hired literally thousands of officers over the course of 1990-1998. The NYPD recently had ONE graduating class of 1,103 recruits.

City seeing more crime, fewer cops
Union says the ranks are short 250 officers

The Chicago Police Department is down hundreds of officers despite pledges by City Hall to boost the force to combat growing violent crime, police union and department officials confirmed Wednesday.,0,7993279.story

This was posted under the comments:

The City of Chicago is lying to say the least, the Chicago Police Department is down several thousand officers and it is not only impacting officer/citizen safety but taking a huge psychological toll on CPD officers.

The officers have been screaming for more manpower for two years to deaf ears. We need the citizens of Chicago to take action and call their elected officials and demand that the City of Chicago hire more officers before something like 9/11occurs and you are left to fend for oursleves.

This is a very serious public safety hazzard that impacts not only Chicago residents and officers but tourists and visitors to Chicago.

Please do your part before Chicago turns into a crime ridden disaster like Detroit.

Anonymous said...

If Obama gets in office the next facet of policing will be the "Thought Police", you will be in big trouble Paul,lol...

Anonymous said...

To the police officer that thinks more police are the answer.

How 'bout rolling back your drocaonian anti-gun laws and allow your law abiding citizens the ability to reduce crime themselves? Works everywhere it's tried. Try a little research. Cops can't, and indeed it is not their duty to, protect anyone. Courts have upheld this. More cops will not reduce crime. More armed citizens, you know, law abiding people, will bring it to a screeching halt. When does a gun control law affect a criminal? By definition, being a criminal, NEVER!!!

Anonymous said...

September 25, 2008 11:29 AM

This cop agrees with you 100%, lifetime NRA member but we still need more Chicago cops on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Pressure Builds;

Daley avoids questions about reduced police force as crime rises

Update: Mayor Richard Daley and Police Supt. Jody Weis appeared before reporters Thursday but refused to answer questions about the city's failure to keep its promise to put more police officers on the street.

Facing the first increase in Chicago's homicide rate in years, Weis had promised to increase the ranks of officers. But the Tribune reported Thursday (see story below) that City Hall has not approved department requests to hire enough officers to keep up with retirements and other attrition, resulting in hundreds of vacancies.

As Daley hailed the opening of an extended runway at O'Hare International Airport, Weis waited at the edge of the crowd for more than two hours. After the event, as reporters asked Daley about police hiring, Weis stepped up to the microphone stand.

That's when the mayor abruptly ended the news conference. Daley said he would talk Thursday about O'Hare expansion and nothing else.

"We're going to stay on this subject matter because I think it's important to stay on the subject matter," Daley said. "No, no, it's good to stay on it. Yesterday I took questions [on other topics], tomorrow I'll take questions, so you'll see me all week. Don't worry."

A broadcast journalist mentioned the Tribune story to him, and Daley replied: "I know, don't worry. Tomorrow, we'll be there. OK, thank you."

With that, Daley walked away from the microphones, trailed by Weis.,0,7993279.story

Anonymous said...

Daley: Set Chicago cop free
'SELF-DEFENSE' | Mayor urges Iowa governor to pardon officer
September 25, 2008

Mayor Daley is urging Iowa Gov. Chet Culver to pardon Chicago Police Officer Michael Mette, who has sat in an Iowa prison for nearly a year for punching a man who repeatedly attacked him outside a 2005 party in Dubuque.

"Mr. Mette'’s response to the physical assault he experienced was not pre-meditated, but merely a matter of self-defense in reaction to a very real threat," Daley wrote in an Aug. 20 letter to Culver.

Chicago cops ask court to reverse conviction

"In spite of these mitigating circumstances, Mr. Mette has been denied a chance for a parole hearing or even the opportunity to serve time on work release. This harsh treatment is out of proportion to the harm that the plaintiff sustained and represents a great injustice for a young man who has served in law enforcement with distinction, pride and dedication. . . . Mr. Mette is a young man who deserves to be treated fairly."

Bob Mette, the officer’s father, welcomed Daley’s letter and said he hopes it will succeed where similar appeals to Culver have failed.

State’s Attorney Richard Devine, Police Supt. Jody Weis, former Supt. Phil Cline and Fraternal Order of Police President Mark Donahue all have written letters to Culver seeking a pardon for 31-year-old Michael Mette.

"I appreciate it. So does Mike. Mayor Daley is one of the most powerful politicians in the country. Maybe the governor of Iowa will pay a little bit more attention. He hasn’t paid attention to anybody else’s letters. The way I look at it, every little bit helps," said Bob Mette, a former Chicago Police officer now serving as a supervising investigator in the state’s attorney’s office.

Michael Mette was in Dubuque to celebrate his brother’s 25th birthday when he got into an altercation that would change his life forever.

Supporters say Mette tried to avoid a fight with Jake Gothard and threw a single punch that fractured Gothard’s nose, cheek and jaw only after Gothard followed him out of the party and pummeled him repeatedly.

"He got attacked by a guy who hit him three times and came back to hit him a fourth, and that’s when he punched him. For that, he’s sat in a jail cell for almost a year now," Bob Mette said.

Pressed to describe a father’s agony at seeing his son sentenced to five years in prison, Bob Mette said, "You can't describe it. You can’t talk to him unless he calls you. You don’t know what's going on. Those are the worst feelings — especially when they misdiagnosed his appendicitis attack and almost killed him."

An Iowa appeals court is expected to decide soon whether to overturn Michael Mette’s conviction or order a new trial after a Sept. 11 hearing that drew busloads of Mette’s fellow officers. For them, the Mette case has become a cause celebre.,metteweb092508.article#

Anonymous said...

Even the Clintons see the inevitable demise of Obama and realize that the McCain/Palin ticket is the best one for America.

Bill Clinton lavishes praise on McCain

Clinton had kinds words for John McCain Thursday.

Bill Clinton has long pointed out he has enjoyed a good relationship with John McCain, but for a moment the former president almost sounded like a surrogate for the Republican presidential nominee Thursday morning.

Anonymous said...

Ted Kozak is not only a collector but a American historian. I would put his knowledge of American History up againist anyones. Here is a man that would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. I witnessed this frist had as he chased down a hoodlum that beat a defenceless middle eastern woman for her neckless, captured the known gang member and held him till the police arrived. How many would do that. What the courts are doing to this patriot is a travestry to American law.

Anonymous said...

There should be more important things to concentrate on, besides a man who like to collect guns.

Anonymous said...

When I was a copper I used to tire of hearing people I stopped always whining about why I wasn't out catching real criminals. In this case, I see their point. What a waste of manpower and limited police resources. And to think what this poor fireman is going through makes me sick. The CPD gun unit should be ashamed of themselves, and focus their efforts on getting guns out of the hands of real criminals, not the law abiding average Joe taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

You're in my prayers Ted. I think it's wrong that you're going through this and I hope for the best outcome possible. Someone needs to come to their senses on this!

Anonymous said...

Ted Kozak has been my friend for about 20 years.I know he was sandbagged and it makes me want to puke.Ted will help any person who asks him , he is one good guy,I wish I had a heart as big as his.I see the stress he is under and it makes me sad.This judge will not give him a Franks hearing because she knows the warrant a informant are bogusand if this hearing was held Kozak would be free.Every drug dealing piece of shit in Crook county is allowed this hearing, but not Ted.Sure, he will win on appeal but that takes about 3 years and Ted will sit in jail that whole time.As a Chicago police officer this makes me sick.I love ya Teddy talk to you soon. JJB

Anonymous said...

September 25, 2008 6:12 PM

How can he be denied a Franks motion? He should take this whole bundle of BS to the USA and ask for an internal investigation into the conduct of the CAGE team.

Anonymous said...


Why do you think this is being aired in Philly and not in Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Was this a CAGE Team arrest or another Area 2 Gun team arrest? To the best of my knowledeg, the CAGE team does not actually make arrests, do warrants. Thats done by the area gun teams.

Anonymous said...

CF,unfourtunately Illinois does not allow its citizens to own NFA(full-auto) weapons,even thought the Feds allow it with registration,200 tax and some other paperwork.

Im all in favor of repealing the 1986 MG ban and moving to allow Illinois to own class 3.A gun is a gun.

Anonymous said...

Ted is a great guy. My partner has already spoken here and I feel the same as he does.(JJB) Ted got sandbagged by an Area Gun Team and the Confidential Informant used does not exist. Ted has been denied a "Franks" Motion by the judge and he will surely win on appeal but not until he has served some hard time. The gun team involved are out right liars and fabricated the warrant and maybe someday the truth will come out and these assholes will get indicted. Until that time Ted and many other Chicago gun owners including retired coppers and fireman will continue to have their rights violated and be ruined as they are dragged through the corrupt Chicago system of justice. I am sorry Ted for the injustice done to you by my fellow "Brothers in Blue." I am no longer proud of my time on the job nor am I proud to say I am a CPD copper on disability. The CPD and the City of Chicago have gone to shit and innocent people like Ted suffer while dishonest corrupt coppers and politicians flourish in this fucked up city. Hang in there Ted those rat fuck gun team assholes will someday get theirs and someday my friend you will beat this and hopefully get a nice payout from the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

The number one problem facing the CPD is the fact that we are short, upwards of 2,000 sworn personnel, and this is being concealed. The officers know it, they see it and they feel it. Morale is in the toilet. There is no leadership or support being displayed, at any managerial level.

The CPD wrongfully stripped and fired some officers. This has had long-lasting repercussions within the rank and file. The disciplinary process is not fair and objectively based. The promotional process is primarily based upon clout, not on knowledge or competency. The existing merit system leads to great frustration. We work six straight days in a row with CPD's archaic work schedule. The work schedule further increases stress levels. The residency requirement is killing the job, by keeping qualified younger officers away. The media hammers the CPD unfairly, on a daily basis. The contract has been expired for 15+ months, with no resolution in sight. The squad cars, computers and radio batteries don't function properly. Other times, there are not enough squad cars, radios and batteries to equip all the officers working. Equipment shortages and malfunctions place officers in additional danger. Officers routinely find themselves semi-involuntarily working alone. Working alone resulted in Officer Richard Francis's murder in July. The contract stipulates that officers work as two man units, during the hours of darkness. If officers complain about being assigned to work alone, retaliation will come about. Compensatory time is routinely denied, due to manpower requirements. Chicago is an exceedingly expensive city to reside in, with a very high cost of living and the worst public schools in the nation. Chicago has the some of the highest taxes in the nation,IE. sales tax. The officers are also picking up an overall feeling of hopelessness and despair, this is downright dangerous.

To be fair, Superintendent Jody Weis inherited a shipwreck of monstrous proportions from Phil Cline. This situation did not just arise under Weis's tenure, but has been festering for sometime. This situation was definitively made much worse under Cline's tenure. Many officers, initially applauded the appointment of an esteemed outsider taking the reigns. Officers believed that change was forthcoming. Some of Weis's initial moves immediately changed that assumption though. Weis sought and obtained Federal charges against Bill Cozzi, this was the icing on the cake.

Chicago Police Officers work in some of the nation's worst Hell holes. These officers are routinely involved in life and death situations; that are to say, unnerving. Chicago is the third largest city in the nation, but now has the highest homicide rate and violent crime rate in America. NYC has a population of 8.6 million, while Chicago has 2.86 million. This year,Chicago is exceeding NYC's homicide rate.

City politicians claim that there is a 430 million dollar deficit. Yet, there is over 800 million dollars sitting in the TIF Funds, 500 million dollars sitting in a bond fund from the lease of the Chicago Skyway, and who knows how much money accrued from the lease of Midway Airport. Last year's record property tax increase was to fund police hiring, and to settle labor contracts. Where has all this money gone? Ironically, the politicians claim broke. This all, coincidentally coincides, while the police contract is being negotiated; and allegedly justifies the critical manpower shortage. Officers believe the monies are being diverted for the 2016 Summer Olympics. This is occurring at the expense of Chicago's children, residents, visitors, tourists and officers' safety.

Many chess experts, view the knight as one of the most important strategic game pieces. The knight is a necessity to win a chess game. Knights guard and defend the King, at all cost. What happens when the knights are all turned into pawns?

Remember, we are the eyes and ears, and the pulse of the third largest city in the United States. Overall pressure is building in society; fueled by the impending economic woes, the daily stress, terrorism, the wars, the disgust with corruption, and the moral decay in society. We know and feel that something is seriously askew. You could call us the blue canaries, yet we still stick it out, and keep you safe.

It's okay, joke about us,scorn us, denigrate us and look down upon us. Realize one thing, when we fail or fall in battle: Who will protect you and yours, in this AntI-GuN asylum state, called Chicago, Illinois???