Monday, September 15, 2008

First Goldfinger Murder Arrest Nets Key Fayed Employee

Los Angeles, CA--Records of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department revealed that, Jose Luis Moya, 47 has been charged with the hacking, slashing and stabbing death of Pamela Fayed, 44 last July in Century City, CA. Moya was ordered, held without bail by a L.A. Superior Court Commissioner.

Moya was arrested on September 11, 2998 by officers from the LAPD Robbery/Homicide Division. So far, police are keeping mum about this arrest.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that Moya, a key employee of James Fayed is part of a conspiracy to murder Pamela Fayed and that he is not believed to be the actual killer of the woman.

We expect that information about the evidence that established probable cause for this arrest is contained in a new bunch of search warrants used to gather more evidence from property under control of Moya.

Anthony Fayed, the fugitive brother of James Fayed is still being sought for questioning.

So far James Fayed has not been charged with murder or conspiracy. Since he is already being held without bail on a federal charges police and prosecutors have no need to rush murder charges against Fayed.

The details of the Moya arrest are expected to emerge this week, Stay tuned!

See Moya Booking Information(Click on Picture to enlarge):

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