Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin Panic--Creating a Jihad in Obama’s Camp

V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin brought major excitement to an otherwise really dull Presidential campaign. Her energy, charm and good looks have sent Obama’s campaigners into a major panic.

I spent a couple of days chatting with every Liberal looking person in L.A. I could. Somehow for the most part Liberals are so easy to spot in any crowd. I’d start the conversation with a, “What do you think of John McCain’s new sidekick”? For fun I’d make a sour face to get an honest reaction.

The Liberals I talked to expressed fear, anger and loathing. One middle-aged man wearing lots of gold jewelry standing at a rent-a-car counter was actually foaming at the mouth while screaming about Palin. He claimed that we were somehow getting four more years of Bush on account of Palin coming out at the eleventh hour. He called it a sneak attack saying, “Obama can’t deal with this so late in the game!”

One very Liberal Hollywood agent said, “Unfortunately Palin has communication and theatrical skills way beyond Obama’s” The agent went on to say Palin has the looks, talent, voice and energy that any casting director would die for.” “It’s now going to be a really tough race for Obama and to me it does not look good”, said the agent.

I talked with a UCLA nurse who said it was overdue for a woman to be on the ballot. She defended Palin as appearing candid, saying she, “somehow just didn’t trust Obama.” The nurse said, “He (Obama) just seems too measured and sneaky for me.” The nurse made it clear she was a life-long Democratic voter who will vote for McCain this time.

Reportedly Obama’s camp is desperately trying to get their effective female campaigners to somehow return the public’s attention to Obama.

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Anonymous said...

I recently used the same tactic when talken to a liberal. I told her I was so upset with Bush that I left the GOP (the truth too) after she spilled her guts an agenda, I informed the reason Im against Bush is because he later became too liberal. She nearly had a heart attack.