Thursday, September 25, 2008

Las Vegas TV Reporter Sues Over Hearing Loss At A Police Gun Range

Las Vegas, NV-- Former KTNV Channel 13 reporter Christina Brown has filed a law suit over a hearing loss suffered during a story she did about Metro officer’s firearms training. I think this lawsuit is serious business and has merit.

I suffered a similar hearing loss and am hearing impaired today as a result. I’ve used both ear plugs and muffs together ever since my first traumatic ear damage. Some sadistic U.S. Army officials forced me and my basic training company comrades shoot M-14 rifles at Fort Leonard Wood, MO with no hearing protection whatsoever in 1968.

Please, always wear the strongest rated hearing protection while on the range because the damage is irreversible. Hearing aids are miserable to use as I have learned.

You can read about this lawsuit from the Las Vegas Sun.


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Agree. When I was in the police academy in the late 70's, one Friday afternoon we drove to a range where we were going to fire the shotgun. This place was about an hour away from the academy, and after we finished we would be released to go home for the weekend. When we arrived it was found that the instructors forgot to bring the hearing protectors so they asked the class if anyone wanted to wait two hours while someone went back and retrieved them. Of course everyone wanted to go home so we ended up shooting 10 rounds with no hearing protection. I have had severe tinnitus ever since, especially in my left ear. Looking back, I should have thought to stuff a couple of cigarette filters in my ears for a little bit of protection but I didn't think of it at the time. I regret that day ever happened. A few years later the range officer in my district decided that we would conduct one of our semi-annual qualifications with no hearing protection, to simulate what it would be like in a real encounter. I told him to pound sand and refused and he threatened to report me to the district commander. I immediately went to the commanders office and reported what he was trying to do and he got in big trouble. What an asshat.
Your hearing is precious. Do whatever you have to to protect it, cause once it's gone it's never coming back.

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The military requires double hearing protection now, plugs and muffs.

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What? Merit? Absolutely not. Its not as if this reporter was doing the story in 1950 where we didn't as much about how loud sounds. This happened in what? 2007? 2008? Please. No person in their right mind would stand there and not use hearing protection. Not just that, but you can be guaranteed the officers there would have told her to wear hearing protection.