Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Undoing Of A Presidential Campaign

55 days into the General Election and The Barack Obama Jihad is steadily hurling lies, insults and political mayhem at an Alaskan Hockey-mom. They are in a disorganized major panic over the selection of the suddenly popular Sarah Palin to be Vice President on the GOP ticket.

They’re frantically hunting for new solutions such as dumping Joe Biden from their ticket and bringing in Hillary Clinton. This reversal now would make Obama the laughing stock of America’s politics.

The real problem is Obama himself. A rash of avoidable gaffes, along with the mistakes of the DNC and the Clinton/Obama pre-convention slug fest has mortally cracked the Boy Wonder's veneer.

Hillary Clinton has smartly stayed out of the relentless Obama bashing of Sarah Palin. Clinton is giving herself another shot at the top spot in 2012. If Obama were to somehow win this election Clinton as a V.P. could never be nominated for President in 2012.

Obama was a viable candidate until he fell under his own weight. He became distracted and instantly lost sight of reality and that was he was not running against Sarah Palin, but John McCain.


Anonymous said...

Obama has lost his luster as voters are learning what a jerk he really is.

Anonymous said...

You're right on target Paul! O-boma asked for it when he picked on women of the USA! If that jihad crap is what he wanted, the women will give it to him! but i think he's gay anyway and his lack of RESPECT for females shgows through his remarks & they will permit us Americans to give him the ass kicking of his life in November - take that hussein!