Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is Judge Hearing The O.J. Simpson Case Bi-Polar?

Las Vegas, NV—Judge Jackie Glass must have come right out of Central Casting to hear the O.J. Simpson case. Glass is an excitable, drama queen who loves to yell at lawyers like an angry mother dealing with really bad children.

It’s hard to tell if she is simply playing to the cameras or she’s this way all the time. In a single day, Glass has proven herself to be better suited for a low-budget Hollywood film rather than a real trial.

Yesterday state’s witness and sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong was wincing in pain and grabbing his chest during his testimony. I was suffering a similar reaction to Judge Glass’ emotional tantrums in her zealous efforts to keep order in the court.

I can’t help but see a prejudicial effect that would defeat a fair trial for any defendant in Judge Glass’ courtroom.

Judges automatically gain huge respect from jurors who are emotionally programmed by society to except and believe judges are infallible leaders who must be obeyed.

Judges’ powers extend far beyond the simple ruling on legal issues before them. They also have the ability to convey a certain verdict to impressionable jurors.

The Simpson trial already seems headed for trouble like most high profile criminal court cases in this country.

Update: As the prosecution's case is winding down I have noticed that Judge Glass has been very fair to both sides. That makes her histronic much more bearable for me. I guess we are not all the same on this earth.

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I think she's hawt.