Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama’s October Surprise, Hillary Clinton and a Coup d’état

Chicago, IL—Since late Spring I’d heard unsubstantiated rumors from at least one usually reliable source of mine that Barack Obama was in for a political disaster before November. A corruption scandal would undermine his candidacy and perhaps bring about his indictment. I wrote this information off as wishful thinking.

I never once underestimated Hillary Clinton’s political spy network because she’d never spare any expense hiring people like convicted telephone eavesdropper, Anthony Pellicano. Hillary would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. I strongly suspect Clinton knows about most or all of Obama’s criminal activity and culpability. That knowledge has guided this shrewd woman’s actions throughout the campaigns for the highest office in the land. I suspect Clinton has been sitting on this information like a hen on an egg.

Now it’s reported that convicted political fund-raiser Tony Rezko who faces scores of years behind bars is ready to play his cards in hopes of getting a deal from the Justice Department before his October 28 sentencing in Federal District Court.

Rezko has both raised substantial campaign funds for Obama and has paid him off with at least one personal cash windfall on a piece of real estate. It’s safe to say Rezko knows where some fresh and very toxic bones are buried in his former confidant’s back yard.

In life as well as politics timing is everything and This may put the Democratic Presidential slate into a large black hole before an incredibly historic election. I predicted a political coup d’état involving Clinton and now the information my source provided is starting to come together.

Today’s Chicago Sun Times tells us that Rezko is ready to play his cards and perhaps change the course of history. At least one Governor and one Presidential nominee have something to worry about. I think we may be in for some change Obama had not anticipated.

My questiion now is who will Illinios Governor Rod Blagojevich rat on to soften his own problems? Will Mayor Daley and Alderman Ed Burke get invited to this party too?

Read the Sun-Times article here.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope they get as many of these Chicago machine politicians like Oba,a as possible.

Put them all in jail!

Rail Claimore said...

Hopefully, Gov Blaywhatabitch will get a cell next to former Gov Ryan. :D