Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why should Murder Suspect Darren Roy Mack Surrender?

Wealthy Reno pawnshop owner, Darren Mack is accused of murdering his wife and presumed by authorities as being the sniper who shot Reno Judge Chuck Weller. Mack has left Reno and is presumed to be on the run.

Mack’s choice is clear since Nevada has the death penalty. Today’s latest flash is that Mack is trying to negotiate his surrender in Mexico. The Mexican government frowns on the idea of returning fugitives facing the death penalty. That leaves Mack with a huge advantage since they can’t kill him.

As for proving a case of murder or attempted murder against Mack the government has a long way to go without eyewitnesses or strong forensic evidence.

If Mack is smart enough to stay out of the police interrogation rooms he may get his life back. This would be a great case for any criminal defense lawyers and private eyes to work on.

An update! Word has it that Mack was to turn himself in to the U.S. Consulate in Mexico. Bad idea! Extradition ant-death penalty protection would be non-existent! If he’s going to do it have an ironclad no death penalty contract! I think negotiating surrenders is another reason is why God made lawyers…

6-23 Yet another update while we slept last night!

Criminals, even rich ones aren’t very smart. Apparently nether is Darren Mack. Using e-mail and telephones he arranged his surrender and has reportedly waived extradition after contacting a lawyer.

I suspect this may not really be a death penalty case because that’s very rare for spouse killing. Should the judge somehow not recover from his wounds Mack undoubtedly would face the death penalty.

A prosecution is next for Mack, The success or failure of the prosecution will hinge on just how talkative Mack has been and will be with officials. It remains to be seen if he has or will incriminated himself.


The Gambino Crime Family said...

Yeah, if he's guilty, he should've stepped on the plane to the UK as soon as he (allegedly) did it. The British government doesn't allow extradition unless the US says it won't go for the dealth penalty.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately he surrendered (he is likely a little naive and has a conscience). From what I have read he is basically a decent regular guy. He was obviously pushed too far by the courts. Anyone who doesn't understand why he did it has never been through the hell of a serious contested divorce battle. I have not seen any mainstream media discussing the inequality of the divorce courts that were a major cause of this issue. Until the issue of equality for fathers and children in divorce becomes a mainstream issue I expect to continue to see weekly news coverage of ex-wives killed. The real tragedy is that the children are the ones hurt the most by not having equality in divorce.