Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why Ban Cell Phones When 911 Solves All Our Problems?

They are a lifesaver, yet a curse. Cell phones are everywhere disrupting traffic on the roadway, going off during lectures, movies and religious services. Inconsiderate people with the phones abuse everyone as they enjoy their special ring tones and pollute the quite around us.

Should cell phones be banned in your child’s school? Many teachers, school boards and local governments are demanding they be removed from schools. Of course the school officials who can’t seem to control the criminal behavior of their students are complaining the loudest.

Many cell phones are equipped with cameras that can even capture and send video. Witnesses, victims and even the offenders using these cell phones have documented crimes. Privacy has been invaded as the cell phone/cameras have been pointed up skirts and brought into locker rooms. Along with the bad side of this story came a new field of cell phone forensics has solved thousands of crimes across the nation.

On the other hand cell phones save lives! You can use them to call for medical, fire or police emergencies. Parents can find lost children or vise versa. Cell phones save huge amounts of fuel every day in America. Who should we blame for making 911 the solution to all of our problems?

Cell phones are like guns. It’s not the devices that are a problem but the people that use or abuse them. Outlawing cell phones because creeps in our world abuse them makes little sense.

I think that particularly in schools those charged with discipline need to deal with the bigger picture, the bad behavior that they can’t seem to control. Banning life saving cell phones is just not the answer.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that they are both a lifesaver and a problem. With elderly parents in declining health and a mother-in-law in the last stages of Alzheimers, I don't go anywhere without my cell phone. However, when in a quiet public place (restaurant, museum, etc.) it is always on vibrate. Should they be banned? NO. However, I do think requiring the ringers to be turned off, and to move to another location to answer or return a call is a very reasonable request.