Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is the TSA is out to destroy air travel?

So some moron writes a threatening note and puts it in an airliner seat back. Soon, another passenger who is not one bit smarter than the note’s author informs a flight attendant. The result is that the geniuses at the TSA order the flight diverted and jack the passengers around for an entire day.

If you ever find a note or even a weapon and feel the urge to turn it in or inform anyone just wait and do so after the aircraft has landed and all the passengers have left the plane. Otherwise you will deserve what you get in the way of major grief and aggravation.

The TSA has repeatedly done nothing but anger passengers in their zeal to justify their existence. Perhaps the TSA jerks can pull this garbage enough that nobody will ever want to fly on an airliner again.

It happened again today, this time on a Southwest flight to Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Pissed off airline customers or terrorists don't need real bombs, just lots of threatening notes to plant in the lavatories and seatbacks. Soon the entire air system could be shut down costing billions!

The TSA will always help spread the terror!

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea! Get a bunch of used gym bags and fill them with garbage and abandon them at various airport locations.

On a busy holiday weekend you can shut down an entire airport!

No threats, violence or crimes are involved!