Monday, June 19, 2006

Connie Chung’s Swan Song

Connie Chung was always a respected journalist and broadcaster. I think she did fine until she teamed up with Povich for a show on MSNBC.

Her husband, Maury Povich is a long time freak show host that features pathetic, dysfunctional weirdoes of society. American audiences demand a voyeuristic window into the circus tents and trailer parks of the twisted and tortured. Show hosts Jerry Springer and Povich have been filling that need.

The short-lived Chung-Povich show was yanked off the air. I guess this was supposed to be funny ending but it appears to be a heart breaking swan song for Ms. Chung.

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting and embarrassing. Talk about being full of ones self. Let's hope it puts these two out of business. At least him anyway.