Friday, June 30, 2006

Even Accused Cops Deserve Rights To A Fair Trial.

Today a federal judge reversed the racketeering murder convictions against New York’s so called “Mafia Hit Men Cops”, Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa. U.S. District Court Judge Jack Weinstein tossed the murder convictions and granted a new trial on the drug and money laundering allegations.

You may rightly argue that perhaps they committed the crime and are getting away with murder. Nobody wants to see justice and retribution derailed. Would we rather see innocents convicted to make sure the guilty are always punished? I hope not!

When law enforcement does an investigation and makes an arrest that sets in motion a process that we fight wars to protect. My brothers in law enforcement always fault me for my views that fairness is more important than winning a conviction. Every cop is only a 911 call away from being accused of a disgusting crime by some twisted, police hating moron.

The moral of this story is we could get our wish and defendant’s rights are eliminated only to have our own lives destroyed by a frame up. Be careful what you wish for!

Here’s what ABC news has to say about this.

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